Warzone fans claim footstep audio doesn't exist

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Screenshot of Warzone players sprinting with guns in the air and Captain Price holding an assault rifle
Credit: Activision

Utilising footstep audio to gain the upper hand in a Warzone match is nothing new. In most cases, players can hear the boots of nearby opponents moving around, which is particularly useful when attempting to track down their location.

As attention moves towards the Season 4 Reloaded update, fans of Call of Duty’s battle royale are growing tired of a gulag exploit that allows players to earn easy ranked SR. Elsewhere, players believe the current selection of skins is much worse than those in Warzone 1.

The latest issue grinding the gears of fans involves footstep audio. One player believes that the sounds are non-existent, making it impossible to hear any enemies that are close by.

Why is Warzone footstep audio so bad?

To demonstrate the inconsistent audio, Reddit user Knight-112 showcases several occasions where a lack of footsteps has resulted in an early end to their match.

The player says: “Footstep audio does not exist in this game,” and judging by the clips, it’s hard to argue.

Although there’s plenty of demand for Infinity Ward and Raven Software to address the problematic audio, community members don’t believe it will ever get fixed. Another user says: “We’re two games in now having the same issue. A multimillion-dollar company can’t (or won’t) fix the footstep audio. I’ve given up waiting.”

The exact cause of the audio cutting out remains a mystery and despite the best efforts of the developers, it continues to impact those dropping into the action. For now, using the best Warzone audio settings can help.

Will Warzone footstep audio get fixed?

Unfortunately, the chances of Warzone footstep audio receiving a complete overhaul are slim. But, smaller adjustments to guarantee footsteps are clearer are bound to arrive in future updates.


In the meantime, crank up the volume and equip the best perks for some increased awareness.

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