Warzone gulag exploit allows players to earn easy SR

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Screenshot of Warzone player holding gun wearing a gold outfit and two Warzone players fighting with a fire in the background
Credit: Activision

There are several ways to obtain SR over the course of a ranked match. Whether it’s scoring plenty of eliminations or simply staying alive until the final circles are surefire ways to climb the divisions.

With all eyes focused on what Season 4 Reloaded has in store, one Warzone expert has uncovered a pay-to-win weapon reticle while a drop plane bug is causing players to plummet uncontrollably towards the ground.

The latest issue to arise involves fans getting stuck inside the gulag, enabling them to earn plenty of SR by defeating whoever spawns into the last-chance saloon.

Warzone gulag exploit gives players SR

Uncovered by Reddit user drdewd, the exploit sees them encounter an opponent that allows them to score kills without having to return to Al Mazrah.

The player says: “There’s an exploit now where people are staying forever in the gulag and getting free kills. Nice.” The exploit also allows the opponent to move around and fire their weapon before the countdown timer hits zero.

Another fan suggests a simple, and more sportsmanlike, solution to the issue: “Even better if they just take the L and leave the game instead of doing this.” Although it’s a simple solution, the chances of Warzone players turning down a chance to earn some easy SR are slim.

Ending up stuck in the gulag isn’t an isolated issue. On June 28, 2023, one member of the community noticed players had the ability to win matches from inside the gulag after an exploit leaves them unable to drop into the action once again.

It’s unclear if Infinity Ward and Raven Software are aware of the issue. In the meantime, players can use this particular exploit to gain plenty of SR before the next rank reset takes place.

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