Warzone bug causes players to win games from inside the gulag

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Screenshot of Warzone gulag and Warzone player aiming down sights of an SMG
Credit: Activision

Winning a Warzone match is a very straightforward process in theory. Simply survive to be the last player or team standing at the end of a match and you've secured yourself a W.

As attention starts moving towards the Season 4 Reloaded update, players dropping into the action continue to encounter a variety of game-breaking issues that ruin the experience. One bug has recently been causing doors to fly uncontrollably around the map, but the latest problem is far worse.

During the final stages of some matches, a glitch is currently preventing players inside the gulag from returning to action, resulting in them winning games by default.

Warzone gulag players are winning matches

Uncovered by Reddit user famrob, the glitch is giving players that end up stuck inside of the gulag near the end of a match the ability to wait for those left outside in the gas to perish, before reaping the rewards.

The player says: “(I) lost because there are two solos just sitting in the gulag unharmed”, lamenting that they'd been left attempting to outlast the toxic cloud that gradually shrinks as a match progresses. Judging by the comments, being unable to escape the gulag isn’t an isolated issue. Another community member shares: “The redeployment had no effect on me. I stood there for 10 minutes before being released.”

One fan isn’t best pleased with the current state of Warzone, arguing: “(The) game is an absolute joke right now.” It’s hard to argue with that, if players are managing to score wins from outside the battlefield.

The exact cause of the issue remains a mystery, but there’s every chance the (game's) developers are working on a fix to stop gulag visitors from staying there for too long. In the meantime, if there’s a late-game situation where the last few opponents seem invisible, they’re probably stuck.

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