Best Warzone audio settings

Image showing Warzone 2 player standing on moving SUV
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone 2 player standing on moving SUV
Credit: Activision
April 16, 2024: Season 3 Reloaded is on the way and we've updated our guide to showcase the best

Finding the best Warzone audio settings makes all the difference during a match as they allow you to hear any nearby footsteps with maximum clarity.

As Season 3 Reloaded moves into view, having the right audio settings is essential when it comes to hearing the footsteps of enemy Call of Duty players attempting to hunt you down with a gun topping the weapon tier list.

Before we take a closer look at the best audio settings, check out our other guides showcasing the best SOA Subverter loadout along with the best Striker 9 loadout for close-quarters action.

What are the best Warzone audio settings?

Audio Mix
Boost High
Master Volume
Music Volume
Dialogue Volume
Effects Volume
Voice Chat
Open Mic Recording Threshold
Voice Chat Volume
Microphone Volume
Voice Chat Effect
No Effect

After spending time tweaking various options within the Warzone menus, the above settings are the best to use if you want to guarantee hearing footstep audio in the battle royale.

These settings are the perfect baseline to use when you first drop into the action and like most things in Warzone, it's best to fine-tune them so you find a balance that suits your preferences.

How to change Warzone audio settings

Changing the Warzone audio settings is incredibly straightforward to do. Simply navigate your way to the options tab and into the audio menu to change any setting to suit your preferences.

Image showing Warzone 2 player taking cover by concrete
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Credit: Activision

How to activate Warzone loudness equalization

PC users can activate a setting known as loudness equalization in order to maximise audio performance during matches. Once active, the setting gives you the ability to pinpoint the location of nearby players. Here's how to switch it on in Season 6:

  • Right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and select 'Sounds.'
  • Open the 'Playback' tab and search for the device labelled with the green tick.
  • Right-click the device and select 'Properties.'
  • Tick the 'Loudness Equalization' box and click 'Apply.'

Although it sounds like opponents are on the floor above in some cases, using loudness equalization is a handy tool to use if you're after an advantage.

That's everything there is to know about the best Warzone audio settings to use in Season 3. If we hear anything else about a crafty exploit, we'll update the guide with all the game-breaking intel.

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