Best Warzone shotgun to use in Season 6

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November 22, 2023: Season 6 is in full swing and we've adjusted our Warzone shotgun tier list to reflect the current meta.

The best Warzone shotgun remains a hot topic of conversation among Warzone players looking to gain an advantage during Season 6. Known for excelling in close-range combat, this category is perfect if you want to deal with opponents in close proximity.

Shotguns are a primary weapon category and just like the previous version of Warzone, they pack a deadly punch when up close and personal with the opposition. With the current selection possessing a range of characteristics, it's important to choose the best one if you're looking to compete with the meta.

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What is the best Warzone shotgun?

At the time of writing, it's tricky to determine the strongest Warzone shotgun as there are all very closely matched. After some extensive testing, the MX Guardian is the best shotgun to use despite recent nerfs.

There's a high chance Infinity Ward applies a dose of weapon balancing that could change the pecking order in the not-too-distant future. If there are better options, we'll update the guide with all there is to know about the Warzone shotguns.

Warzone shotgun tier list

S Tier
Bryson 890 MX Guardian KV Broadside
A Tier
Expedite 12 Bryson 800 Lockwood 300

With the KV Broadside, Bryson 890, and MX Guardian leading the shotgun category, there's very little separating the two remaining weapons. Closely following the S tier are the Expedite 12 and Bryson 800.

Both pack a deadly punch but lack the versatility needed to make a consistent impact in close-quarters combat. As the seasons progress, we'll update the list to reflect their performance.

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How many shotguns are in Warzone?

Warzone currently contains a total of six shotguns to use as part of a loadout in Season 6. It's much less than the previous iteration of the battle royale but we expect plenty of new arrivals to appear as part of seasonal content updates.

Although there are only five to use, each comes with a unique set of characteristics ranging from a powerful double-barrel action to a steady stream of semi-automatic firepower.

Warzone Season 6 Reloaded release time

Season 6 of Warzone commences on October 17, 2023, which means there's a chance a shotgun could slot its way into the meta depending on which buffs and nerfs are applied to the rest of the arsenal.

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