Call of Duty fans say Warzone 2 is the worst experience in gaming

Warzone 2 worst gaming experience
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 worst gaming experience
Credit: Activision

Throughout its opening season of post-launch content, Warzone 2 has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs and glitches frustrating players dropping into the action. Whether it’s areas of Al Mazrah transforming into Rainbow Road or a boring meta, there’s always something grinding the gears of the community.

With the launch of Season Two on the horizon, Infinity Ward and Raven Software continue unveiling various changes designed to improve the battle royale. The return of the 1v1 gulag combined with huge looting changes and a brand-new Resurgence map are just some of the things arriving in a bid to fix various issues.

Despite all of the improvements, one Call of Duty fan claims Warzone 2 is the worst gaming experience they’ve ever had.

Is Warzone 2 the worst gaming experience?

According to Reddit user Alarming_Resident122, the developers behind Warzone 2 have “completely ruined a great game,” suggesting the first Warzone is a far superior game to the current offering.

“The insanely fast TTK mixed with this turtle-paced movement makes for a horrible game,” explains the frustrated fan. Judging by the comments, there are other players that share the same opinion. “Me and my buddy play duo/quads in Caldera because it’s more fun than WZ2. Nothing in WZ2 is satisfying at all,” says another player.

On the other hand, there are plenty of fans that continue to enjoy Warzone 2 despite its issues. “I’m not gonna defend the game but I’m having fun on it,” reveals one member of the community.

Call of Duty titles often prove divisive among players and it’s no different with Warzone 2. Most games have teething problems following launch and the developers are intent on ensuring a smooth experience for everyone attempting to become the last player standing.

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