Warzone 2 players claim current meta is 'getting boring'

Warzone 2 player laying on ground using phone
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player laying on ground using phone
Credit: Activision

Throughout the history of Warzone, the meta is always a hot topic of conversation if you’re dropping into the action on a regular basis. During the Pacific and Verdansk eras, the strongest guns changed every other week but in the case of Warzone 2, the meta hasn’t changed since launch.

As attention turns to the Season Two update, players hope Infinity Ward and Raven Software implement widespread weapon balancing in a bid to increase the variety of weapons in the loadouts of players.

There are still a few weeks until the launch of the new season, and to the surprise of nobody, players claim the current Warzone 2 meta is getting boring.

Is the Warzone 2 meta boring?

Although the combination of the RPK and Fennec 45 is the strongest out of the entire arsenal, Reddit user Ginekolog93 says “it’s getting boring” seeing players “running the same loadout.”

The user says the current state of Warzone 2 follows the trend of its predecessor where certain weapons were unbeatable. “This is Warzone 1 all over again with Kilo and DMR.”

While others agree that the meta isn’t in the best of places, some believe the developers have the ability to stop the RPK and Fennec from dominating Al Mazrah. “I feel like every rebalance change they’ve made with the exception of the riot shield was spot on.”

So far, Infinity Ward and Raven Software have made minimal adjustments to any weapon other than a controversial nerf to the riot shield. With players starting to grow tired of the same guns sending them to the gulag, the chances of Season Two spicing things up are high.

Until then, make the most of the meta if you’re on the hunt for nukes and trips to the winner’s circle. Before you drop into your next match, check out our guides showcasing the best Warzone 2 AR and the latest intel on upcoming Warzone 2 double XP events.

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