Warzone 2 resurgence map: Release date, leaks, layout, and more

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Warzone 2 resurgence map
Credit: Activision
November 28, 2022: Warzone 2 is out now but there's no new intel on a resurgence map making its way to the battle royale.

The Warzone 2 resurgence map is a hot topic of conversation within the community. Although there's plenty of information on the Al Mazrah map packed with new points of interest to explore, many are hoping Infinity Ward brings an alternative into the battle royale.


A resurgence map acts as a popular alternative to the standard dose of battle royale action. The idea of the last player standing remains the same but the mode allows players to drop back into the action after a set period of time.

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Will Warzone 2 have a resurgence map?

According to Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostOfHope, Warzone 2 will feature a resurgence map. The leaker claims the map will be developed by Beenox and Toys for Bob.


As always, take leaks with a pinch of salt until Activision and Infinity Ward reveal more about what they have in store for a new chapter of battle royale action.

However, Hope does have an impressive track record when it comes to correctly leaking information. We'll wait and see whether the leaks turn out to be accurate.

Warzone 2 resurgence map layout

So far, there's no information on the layout of the Warzone 2 resurgence map. However, several content creators are heading to the Infinity Ward studios for a closer look at the game. There's always a chance we'll hear more about the map layout ahead of the Warzone 2 release date.


As soon as we hear more about the map layout, we'll update the guide with all there is to know including a full point of interest (POI) list.

Warzone 2 player taking cover behind concrete
Credit: Activision

Is Rebirth Island in Warzone 2?

Rebirth Island won't appear in Warzone 2. This is bad news for fans of the map based on the Alcatraz prison but there's always a possibility of it returning as a throwback at a later date.


Warzone 2 resurgence map release date

If the leaks are accurate, players can expect a Warzone 2 resurgence map to launch at some point in 2023. This means there are still a few months before we can drop into a brand-new battlefield.

With a mid-2023 release window currently rumoured, we expect it to arrive as part of the season three or season four update. We'll share more details as they emerge.

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