Warzone 2 Ashika Island resurgence map: Release date, leaks, layout, and more

Warzone 2 resurgence map
Credit: Activision

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February 15, 2023: Ashika Island launches today! Scroll down for everything there is to know about the map.

The Warzone 2 resurgence map is a hot topic of conversation within the community. Although there's plenty of information on the Al Mazrah map packed with new points of interest to explore, many are hoping Infinity Ward brings an alternative into the battle royale.

A resurgence map acts as a popular alternative to the standard dose of battle royale action. The idea of the last player standing remains the same but the mode allows players to drop back into the action after a set period of time.

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Will Warzone 2 have a resurgence map?

Following numerous leaks, Warzone 2 will have a resurgence map arriving as part of the Season Two update.

Acting as a smaller alternative to Al Mazrah, the map will promote a faster pace of play.

Warzone 2 resurgence map leaks

A Reddit post from user "iamDEVANS" may have found the very first look at the Warzone 2 resurgence map. Currently named 'Return,' the map features a small island off the coast of Al Mazrah with a castle in the centre.

Although it's been taken down, we know that the Castle map from World at War and Vanguard will feature as one of the points of interest.

Once we hear more information, we'll update the guide with all the intel.

Warzone 2 resurgence map layout

Ahead of Season Two, Infinity Ward has revealed the first overview of Ashika Island and a full list of points of interest (POI) available to explore over the course of a match.

Here's the full POI list:

  • Oganikku Farms
  • Residential
  • Shipwreck
  • Port Ashika
  • Beach Club
  • Tsuki Castle
  • Town Center
Warzone 2 player taking cover behind concrete
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Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Resurgence map name

The name of the Warzone 2 resurgence map is Ashika Island. The layout is also identical to the leaked image which first appeared back in December.

Is Rebirth Island in Warzone 2?

Rebirth Island won't appear in Warzone 2. This is bad news for fans of the map based on the Alcatraz prison but there's always a possibility of it returning as a throwback at a later date.

Warzone 2 resurgence map release date

With the resurgence map launching as part of Season Two, the new map and mode will arrive on February 15 which is slightly later than expected. Nonetheless, many are looking forward to a faster pace of play and a different battleground to explore.

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