Warzone 2 bug causes Mario Kart's Rainbow Road-style effect

Warzone 2 vehicle and Mario driving go-kart
Credit: Activision / Nintendo

Warzone 2 vehicle and Mario driving go-kart
Credit: Activision / Nintendo

Throughout the opening season of Warzone 2, players have uncovered all kinds of game-breaking bugs and glitches much to their annoyance. Call of Duty’s latest battle royale release is on a downward slope to failure, with Steam’s player count plummeting and new issues appearing on what feels like a daily basis.

As the launch of Season Two moves into view, graphical bugs are turning Al Mazrah into a living nightmare, resulting in visual glitches melting the map. In addition to graphical problems, the game’s low TTK continues to frustrate players dropping into the action.

The latest graphical glitch impacting players transforms Al Mazrah into the legendary Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, complete with the psychedelic colours completely overhauling the desert landscape.

Warzone 2 or Mario Kart?

Uncovered by Reddit user jamcowl, the exploit saw the bright lights of Rainbow Road transform a rocky area of Al Mazrah into a kaleidoscope of bright colours capable of disorienting the very best players.

“What is this?” questions the player navigating the map on a quad bike. “I need to get out of this psychedelic death hole.” Alongside the map changing a range of colours, the quad bike and the driver change colour, adding to the hugely unusual spectacle.

While some claim the issue is down to graphics card drivers, others believe this isn’t a new issue affecting the battle royale. “I had this happen to me all the time in Warzone 1,” reveals one fan. Another user says they’ve never seen so many graphical bugs impact a single release. “No other game I play ever has graphical glitches like these.”

The exact cause of Rainbow Road’s appearance in Warzone 2 remains a mystery. Thankfully, it’s only a few weeks until the start of a new season, meaning there’s every chance Infinity Ward fixes the majority of issues to ensure a somewhat smoother experience.

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