Warzone 2 bug is turning Al Mazrah into a living nightmare

Ghost and a ghillie soldier in Modern Warfare 2.
Credit: Activision

Ghost and a ghillie soldier in Modern Warfare 2.
Credit: Activision

Throughout its short history, there are numerous Warzone 2 bugs impacting players dropping into Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering. Whether it’s trucks driving underwater or graphical glitches transforming weapon optics into Christmas lights, there are problems across the board.

With attention turning to the Season Two update, the community hopes Infinity Ward and Raven Software include a range of bug fixes that prevent the game-breaking issues from appearing again.

However, as soon as one bug is uncovered, another one makes an appearance. This time around, a graphics bug is causing Al Mazrah to melt.

The Warzone 2 map is melting

During a recent solo match, Reddit user artorothebonk noticed the bright blue skies fading to black alongside nearby buildings and cliff faces. Rather than bright colours impacting the player, the darkness engulfs their view before suddenly disappearing.

It turns out this particular player isn’t the only one experiencing a melting map. Another user said they encountered a similar issue. “Interiors were trippy and it would go to normal once I went outside.”

Although the exact cause of the issue remains a mystery, it appears heading back inside stops Al Mazrah from entering another dimension. Graphical issues are just a small part of the growing list of Warzone 2 bugs and glitches. Other problems involve guns disappearing just before the final few circles of a match, which is perhaps the most infuriating time to lose a fully-equipped RPK.

The stakes surrounding the Season Two update couldn’t be higher, with players constantly critiquing Warzone 2 and even claiming its predecessor is a more complete battle royale. Let’s hope the next seasonal update stops Al Mazrah from melting and brings a fresh batch of content that captures the attention of players once again.

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