Warzone 2 graphics bug gives weapon optics Christmas lights

Warzone 2 players with christmas lights and Warzone 2 optic
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 players with christmas lights and Warzone 2 optic
Credit: Activision

Throughout the opening month of the Warzone 2 cycle, players continue to discover numerous bugs and glitches that often ruin matches. Whether it’s floating AI shooting you from the skies or opponents turning invincible, patience among players is growing thin.

Although the Season One Reloaded update addressed a variety of game-breaking issues, there are problems still impacting players dropping into Al Mazrah in a bid to earn a visit to the winner’s circle.

The latest bug to affect Warzone 2 players is one of a festive nature. A graphics bug is transforming weapon optics into a selection of Christmas lights, making it impossible to see any nearby targets.

Warzone 2 Christmas light optics

Concerned for the health of their graphics card, Reddit user Zamauri shared an image where several yellow, green, and blue dots cover the sight that’s meant to contain a solitary dot that traditionally provides a crystal-clear view of any nearby targets.

One commenter joked that the bug with a festive flavour is a reward for earning 100 longshots, while another believes that it’s simply due to a failing graphics card. “Download the latest drivers and uninstall the latest Windows quality update,” was a suggestion from another user attempting to save the problemed player a trip to the store.

Despite the welcome advice, the exact cause of the Christmas reticle remains a mystery. With other players experiencing graphical issues that transform the game into a multicoloured paradise, there’s a high possibility that Al Mazrah features a bug impacting PC players.

The Warzone 2 Trello board has no mention of any festive optics, so it might be a while before Infinity Ward apples any kind of fix.

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