Warzone 2 glitch allows trucks to drive underwater

Warzone 2 underwater truck
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 underwater truck
Credit: Activision

Obtaining a vehicle over the course of a Warzone 2 match makes all the difference when it comes to navigating Al Mazrah as fast as possible. Whether you prefer to stay on dry land or take to the skies despite the risk of mid-air helicopter explosions, there are vehicles to suit all styles of play.

The Season Two update for Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering is on the way and a ‘boring’ meta frustrating players alongside bugs causing guns to disappear into thin air, there’s a lot riding on its success.

With players continuing to drop into Al Mazrah, a new glitch that allows cargo trucks to drive underwater and stops players from drowning is causing chaos.

Is it a truck or a submarine?

Uncovered in a recent match by Reddit user The-Weasel, the glitch allows players to drive into Al Mazrah’s waters and continue driving once the wheels hit the seabed. Instead of players taking damage, the confines of the cabin protect them resulting in the truck patrolling the seabed.

According to other players, there are several areas of the map where the exploit is effective. “I’ve done this before in the canal in the middle. It seems to only be the truck though.” Another player believes Infinity Ward and Raven Software won’t address the issue. “Knowing the devs, this won’t be fixed.”

The exact cause of the amphibious trucks is unknown and it’s not the only vehicle-related problem that has impacted Warzone 2 since it launched. Shortly after the Season One Reloaded update went live, developers made the decision to disable heavy choppers from the battle royale in order to rebalance the vehicle.

At the time of writing, there’s no sign of them returning. Considering you have the ability to drive around the ocean in a truck, the chances of it disappearing are high.

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