Warzone 2 glitch causes mid-air helicopter explosions

Warzone 2 helicopter on fire and MW2 Ghost Operator
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 helicopter on fire and MW2 Ghost Operator
Credit: Activision

As its first season comes to an end, Warzone 2 players continue to encounter an array of game-breaking bugs and glitches that bring an early end to a visit to Al Mazrah. Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward and Raven Software, the chances of you running into a problem are annoyingly high.

With attention turning to the launch of Season Two, there are many hoping the developers have the ability to address many of the issues impacting their matches. Despite the prospect of bug fixes, a new bug is causing chaos all over the map.

This particular glitch sees helicopters exploding in mid-air without making any contact with a nearby building.

Warzone 2 helicopter bug ruining matches

Uncovered by Reddit user latenitelover, the bug shows the player flying around Al Mazrah before an invisible barrier sends the chopper into a ball of flames and the pilot takes an unexpected trip to the gulag.

Although the clip shows no signs of contact with any nearby obstacles, one fan believes the issue involves a hitbox located above a nearby tree. “From old Verdansk clips, the same invisible hitbox in the air issue,” is what’s causing the problems. “This company keep on making the same exact mistakes.”

Another commenter jokes latenitelover is trying to play the game at a fast pace. “That’s what you get for not moving slow and tactically.”

The exact cause of the issue does involve a rogue hitbox meaning it’s worth avoiding airborne vehicles if you’re looking for a faster way of moving around the map. If you still want to take to the skies of Al Mazrah, make sure you’re avoiding anything that could feature an invisible surprise.

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