Warzone 2's ridiculously low TTK is ironically killing the game

Warzone 2 low TTK killing the game
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 low TTK killing the game
Credit: Activision

The Warzone 2 time to kill (TTK) is an aspect of the battle royale that causes plenty of debate within the community. As players continue dropping into Al Mazrah, many believe the meta is boring and there’s a high possibility the TTK is influencing those feelings.

As attention moves towards the launch of Season Two, Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering is on a downward slope to failure unless Infinity Ward addresses several issues, ranging from disappearing guns to trucks capable of driving underwater.

To prove TTK is one of the main problems within Warzone 2, one player has timed how long it takes for an opponent to break through armour and down them. To nobody’s surprise, it’s ridiculously fast.

Warzone 2 TTK is a joke according to players

On January 12, Reddit user uhhzan decided to get the stopwatch out during a recent quads match. After encountering another player armed with a fully-equipped Fennec 45, the player demonstrates how there’s no way to counter the barrage of bullets.

The SMG takes less than a tenth of a second to send uhhzan to the ground and into the gulag. As expected, the clip has generated plenty of strong opinions. “No one should be dying faster than they can physically react,” comments one fan. “How can you have an RPK with a TTK of 400ms but snipers can’t one-shot to the head?”

During the Pacific era on Caldera, the TTK caused a few issues but Raven Software quickly increased base health levels to restore balance. While some are hoping a similar adjustment arrives soon, other players aren’t sure if the lightning-fast TTK will ever change. “Low TTK benefits casuals. They know what they’re doing,” suggests one commenter.

The demand for a longer TTK is there. Depending on Infinity Ward’s ability to listen to player feedback, we might have to adapt to the current state of the game for a little while longer. Let’s hope changes are on the way in the Season Two update.

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