Best Warzone 2 LMG: Light machine gun tier list

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Image showing Warzone 2 player holding LMG
Credit: Activision
December, 2022: Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded is right around the corner. Ahead of the mid-season update, scroll down to find the best LMG you should use.

The best Warzone 2 LMG is a topic of conversation bound to cause plenty of debate as players drop into Call of Duty's latest battle royale offering. Alongside a brand-new map to explore, Infinity Ward adds a new weapon arsenal for players to master.


Light machine guns often feature incredibly high damage outputs at the cost of mobility and in Warzone 2, it's no different. There are several LMGs to choose from and thanks to the gunsmith, players can customise them to suit their style of play with ease.

Before we take a closer look at the best Warzone 2 LMG, don't forget to take a look at our guides highlighting the best Warzone 2 SMG and all there is to know about the new Warzone 2 map.

What is the best Warzone 2 LMG?

  • RPK
  • RAPP H

In the early stages of Season One, the RPK and the RAPP H are the early frontrunners in the LMG category thanks to their incredibly high damage output.

As the meta continues to evolve, we'll continue to update our list containing the strongest selection of LMGs.

Warzone 2 LMG tier list

A Tier556 Icarus HCR 56 Sakin MG48

With six LMGs available in the Warzone 2 arsenal, there's a high possibility one or two will stand out from the crowd. After performing a little testing, the early frontrunners are the RPK and the RAPP H.


Of course, these are just the early stages of the battle royale as players continue to drop into Al Mazrah. As the seasons progress, we'll continue tweaking our LMG tier list to reflect the popularity of each one.

Image showing Warzone 2 player holding LMG
Credit: Activision

Are LMGs good in Warzone 2?

Although they come with a high damage output, the lack of mobility hinders the performance of anyone attempting to make an impact with an LMG as part of their loadout.


However, with the right set of attachments equipped to increase movement speed and maintain a low level of recoil, we are seeing LMGs skyrocket in popularity as the meta continues to evolve.

That's everything there is to know about the best Warzone 2 LMG to use as soon as the battle royale launches. Be sure to check back soon where we will have a full LMG tier list comparing each of the guns. In the meantime, check out our other guides showcasing the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle and information on upcoming Warzone 2 double XP events.