Warzone 2 devs confirm long-awaited return of 1v1 gulag

Warzone 2 Ghost in gulag holding gun
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Ghost in gulag holding gun
Credit: Activision

The gulag acts as one final opportunity for Warzone 2 players to drop back into Al Mazrah for another chance at scoring a win. It made its debut in the first iteration of the battle royale where players need to win a single gunfight in order to redeploy.

Warzone 2 saw Infinity Ward make numerous changes to the gulag. Players are paired with one another to compete in two-versus-two battles or to defeat the jailer, a heavily armoured AI combatant. Despite the changes, it’s not stopped players from winning without firing a single bullet.

Ahead of Season Two, the developer is teasing some of the changes making their way to Warzone 2. The first adjustment sees the return of a one-versus-one gulag much to the excitement of the community.

The Warzone 2 gulag is changing

On January 19, Infinity Ward announced the gulag is reverting to its original format when the Season Two update goes live. As expected, it’s generated plenty of positive responses from fans.

Alongside the comments supporting the changes, there are plenty stating the change is the first of many arriving in the second seasonal update for the battle royale.

Steve Maida, the founder of Luminosity Gaming, says the return of the original gulag format is a “good change” before citing other issues that need fixing. “I think looting, TTK, movement, and crashing are the biggest issues.”

The developer says further changes to looting and loadouts are on the way, with more details appearing in next week’s studio blog. In addition to gameplay adjustments, many hope the update contains numerous bug fixes to prevent guns from disappearing in the final circles and areas of Al Mazrah transforming into Rainbow Road.

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