Warzone 2 player wins gulag without firing a single bullet

Warzone 2 no bullet gulag win
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 no bullet gulag win
Credit: Activision

The Warzone 2 gulag remains the last-chance saloon for players dropping into Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering. Instead of players battling it out in one-versus-one duel to earn redeployment, they’re paired together randomly and joined by an armoured AI soldier known as the jailer.

With Season Two delayed, any changes to the gulag are a while away. Several fans want a return to one-versus-one action in addition to the removal of any AI interference. Despite the criticisms, many are finding ingenious ways to avoid an early exit from a match.

Usually, players utilise the predetermined pistol to deal some damage but one gulag visitor takes things a step further. Thanks to some excellent awareness, the player manages to eliminate both opponents without firing a single bullet.

Warzone 2 no-bullet gulag winner

After an early trip to the gulag in a recent trios match, Reddit user Kentar5000 showcases a clip where the player utilises a well-placed grenade to end the battle in record time. “Fastest gulag?” questions the fan.

As expected, the community were quick to commend the efforts of Kentar. “Pretty fast man!” exclaims one impressed commenter. After watching the video back, it only takes nine seconds for the opposition to fall from a perfectly-placed grenade. Many want to escape the gulag as fast as possible, and using grenades instead of a pistol could prove the more effective tactic.

Players only start a gulag match with one grenade at their disposal but there are others to obtain as ground loot. The gulag is all about dealing damage to your opponents in order to secure the kill and this recent display of success demonstrates the impressive power of grenades when cooked to perfection.

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