Warzone 2 gulag - Rules, jailer, and how to win

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Warzone 2 gulag
Credit: Activision
February 15, 2023: Season Two is now live meaning the 1v1 gulag is back!

The Warzone 2 gulag offers an entirely new gameplay experience in comparison to its predecessor. In Call of Duty's latest battle royale release, the days of tense one-versus-one duels are gone much to the surprise of players that enjoy having a straightforward path back to the action.

Warzone 2 builds on the success of Warzone, introducing a new weapon arsenal, a brand-new map, and a wealth of innovations in a bid to refresh the existing formula. The gulag still acts as the last-chance saloon but you'll need some assistance in escaping.

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Warzone 2 gulag explained

Instead of a one-versus-one fight to return to battle, the gulag is now a two-versus-two battlefield where players are randomly paired together in order to win their freedom. Just like the old gulag, players will have a predetermined loadout consisting of the following items:

  • A pistol or shotgun
  • One lethal grenade
  • One tactical grenade

The map will feature stronger weapons and items near the centre of the map but securing the high-tier loot comes at the risk of elimination.

Warzone 2 gulag jailer

Another new addition to the Warzone 2 gulag is the jailer, an AI combatant that arrives at the halfway point of a match. If you can defeat the jailer, all four players return to the game adding an interesting tactical dilemma: Do you join forces with the enemy to win or try and take down the other duo?

If players don't manage to eliminate the jailer or the opposing team, all four players lose the game.

Thankfully, the jailer will disappear and replaced by an objective flag in Season Two.

Warzone 2 player aiming down sights of gun
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Credit: Activision

How to win the Warzone 2 gulag

Despite the changes to the Warzone 2 gulag, the process of achieving victory is still incredibly straightforward. Eliminate the other team or take down the jailer within the allotted time limit.

The jeopardy lies with which course of action you choose to take. Is it worth risking a betrayal by the enemy as you attempt to take down the jailer or is it better to grab some strong weaponry and focus on scoring the kills?

Warzone 2 gulag guns

When Warzone 2 launches, players will spawn into the gulag with either a pistol or a shotgun. There are other weapons to obtain by finding them around the map, some of which are much stronger than others.

Just like the gulag from the Pacific era, the weapons you find in the Warzone 2 gulag carry over to your redeployment so you don't drop into the action empty-handed.

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