Resident Evil 4 fans blown away by remake of intro using animated LEGO

Resident Evil 4's Leon in LEGO form.
Credit: Capcom and Cara Aleatorio on YouTube.

Resident Evil 4's Leon in LEGO form.
Credit: Capcom and Cara Aleatorio on YouTube.

With the remake of Resident Evil 4 set to drop later this month, it’s a great time to be a horror game buff in search of something to play with the lights off and scare yourself silly.

Some of these fearless fans are already enjoying a taste of what the game has to offer by delving into its freshly released demo, which even packs a hidden difficulty mode, while others have likely been getting their fix by experimenting with mods for some of their other favourite re-made Resi titles.

However, for some browsing Reddit while they wait for March 24 to arrive, a YouTuber’s recreation of the game’s classic intro sequence using LEGO is currently stealing the show.

What other moments from the Resident Evil series do you think deserve the LEGO treatment?

This brick-based broadcast is the subject of a recent thread on the Resident Evil subreddit, which was kicked off by a post from YouTuber Cara Aleatorio, who shared their video, which you can watch below, and said: “I made the initial sequence from the OG Resident Evil 4 game animated in LEGO! Hope you like it!”

While it joins the action after the riveting sequence that sees Leon stare out of a window while one of the policemen escorting him drains the dragon, the recreation does feature some pretty killer village-based combat that mirrors the gameplay clip below.

The Resi fans in the thread were very impressed by Cara Aleatorio’s work, with user Jishuah saying: “(I) was not expecting the shift to gameplay, this is so well done.” and UnlimitedButts adding: “You even got the little things down like the one second freeze after Leon (swears), and walking towards the window with the walking animation still going before he jumps out.”

The thread on the Resident Evil subreddit.
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Others were moved to voice their desire to play a full LEGO Star Wars-style re-imagining of the game, with user codeADVanced declaring: “This is the kind of LEGO game we need.” and DontTrustDan agreeing: “A LEGO Resident Evil is long overdue. (There are) so many cheesy moments from the series that are ripe for the TT (Games) LEGO style of humour.”

Regardless of whether you’re desperate to shoot a zombie and watch it crumble into a pile of valuable studs, make sure to follow us for plenty of guides to Resident Evil 4 Remake and check out our picks for the series’ best DLCs.

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