Best Resident Evil 3 mods for 2023

Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake.

We can say what we want about Capcom's Resident Evil franchise, but we can't deny the fact that it's one of the most successful video game franchises ever. Although it's been on a remake trend in recent years, the Resident Evil games continue to be amongst the top horror titles to play.

Capcom released the Resident Evil 3 remake in early 2020, and although the game had mixed reviews amongst players, it didn't take long for PC users to create some cool mods that add interesting features to the game to spice things up a bit. So if you're one who loves trying out mods, then sit back as in this article, we'll be listing the best Resident Evil 3 mods for 2023.

Elsewhere, check out the best Resident Evil 2 mods for loads of wacky tweaks to this game's predecessor. We've also got a list of the best Resident Evil DLC, with the series known for its weird and wonderful expansions.

Jill and Carlos in the Best Resident Evil 3 mods for 2023
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Credit: Capcom
Jill and Carlos

The best Resident Evil 3 mods for 2023

While Resident Evil 3 isn't the scariest game in the franchise, it does have some pretty creepy and gory scenes that'll most likely put many players on edge whenever they enter a room or open a closet. So, if you'd like to tune down the terror a bit by using mods, then here are the best Resident Evil 3 mods for 2023.

Shrek as Nemesis attacking Jill in Resident Evil 3.
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Credit: NexusMods

Shrek as Nemesis

Remember Shrek? The big green ogre from that popular animated film that embarks on a quest with a Donkey to rescue the princess Fiona? This Shrek Over Nemesis mod by MrMarco1003 is simply amazing because while you're usually terrified of the actual Nemesis chasing you to rip your head off, you'd probably be laughing when you realise it's Shrek chasing you instead.

And for others, especially fans of the popular character, they might end up getting nightmares seeing their childhood hero chasing after them, with no choice but shoot at the big guy. This Shrek mod is very well executed, with fine lighting work that brings out the character with a shadow that makes him look terrifying in the dark.

Resident Evil 3 Immersion - Reshade

Created by JimmyANdresRG, the RE3 Immersion - Reshade mod is a fantastic addition to our list of the best Resident Evil 3 mods of 2023. It adjusts the game's overall lighting and colour balance, giving you a much more colourful Resident Evil 3 experience.

The natural colour that comes with this mod removes the game's initial yellowish look and reduces the number of increased colours, depth, and lighting that is recommended on bright TVs or monitors. The mod's creator also suggests that players set this one to Normal, which is a mode that balances the colour and lighting.

Jill in an alleyway in Resident Evil 3.
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Credit: Nexusmods

More Investigations

In the Resident Evil 3 remake there are lots of times when even after spending a considerable amount of time in a particular area, you still feel like you missed something that could be important later. However, it might be too late to go back, which is where this Investigations mod by Nayef_k93 comes in and works like a charm!

Although it doesn't work on all areas, this Thorough Investigations mod will remove any barricades and objects that stand in your path, allowing you to explore a lot of areas in the game that were originally inaccessible. A lot of players will appreciate this one, as it'll allow them to go back and pick up that ammo or weapon they saw but couldn't go back to pick because they were either being chased by Nemesis or simply couldn't recall the location.

Lady Dimitrescu as Jill in Resident Evil 3.
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Credit: Nexusmods

Play as Alcina Dimitrescu

Raq's impressive Alcina Dimitrescu mod allows you to give Jill a rest and play Resident Evil 3 as the infamous Lady Dimitrescu who would stop at nothing to put down Ethan Winters, the much loved protagonist from Resident Evil Village. However, playing as Lady Dimitrescu doesn't stop Nemesis from hunting you down, only this time he'll be chasing a tall vampire in white.

The mod is well created, meaning you can fearlessly stroll around Raccoon City with Lady Dimitrescu, bringing the much feared villain from Village to life in a whole new way, where this time she's the hunted. Raq's mode also changes how many players will feel when Jill interacts with Carlos, as Lady Dimitrescu instead of herself. You'd think she'd rip his head off!

Jill fighting Dino in Resident Evil 3.
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Credit: Nexusmods

Dino Evil 3

Despite the Dino Crisis games not becoming as successful in the 90s compared to the first Resident Evil game, they were still very popular in the 90s - and that's really no surprise, as they were pretty good. Although this isn't a Dino Crisis game, this Dino Evil mod by DarknessRvaltier brings Dinos to a Raccoon City that's overrun by zombies.

It's not a perfect mod like some of the aforementioned ones, and the T-Rex are often goofy. But regardless, if you're one of the long-time Dino Crisis fans that's been silently (or publicly) begging Capcom to remake or rather revive the series, then you might want to give this mode a try. Maybe someday Capcom will plan its Dino Crisis revival!

Nikolai as Carlos in Resident Evil 3.
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Credit: Nexusmods

Play as Nikolai or Mikhail

A lot of players aren't familiar with Nikolai in the Resident Evil franchise and you can't blame them, considering he wasn't exactly written to be a likeable character such as Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, two of the franchise's most popular male protagonists.

Nikolai Zinoviev started off as a good guy who was simply helping out with the outbreak, but things quickly went sideways between him and Jill. Created by two separate modders, this mod allows you play Carlos' sections of the using either Nicholai or Mikhail, the game's tritagonist.

Ultron approaching Jill in Resident Evil 3.
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Credit: Nexusmods

Play as Ultron

While it's not the Mad Titan, Thanos, Ultron isn't half bad. If playing Resident Evil 3 Remake as Shrek isn't any fun or brings back too many childhood memories for you, then you ought to try playing as the Terminator-like villain that almost took over the world in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This mod replaces Nemesis with Ultron, adding a chilling feel to the game. This time you're not running from Nemesis or Shrek, but Ultron!

That's it for our picks of the best Resident Evil 3 mods! For even more mods in your favourite games, check out the best Resident Evil Village mods and the best Dwarf Fortress mods.

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