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Lady Dimitrescu slashing Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu slashing Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village

Out just in time for Halloween, the latest DLC for Resident Evil Village, Shadows of Rose, lets players control Ethan's grown-up daughter and meet up with some familiar faces. But there have been plenty of expansions and updates throughout the series, so we're here to look at the best Resident Evil DLC.

With the combined success of the series' new direction since Resident Evil 7 as well as remakes like Resident Evil 2 and 3, the horror franchise has become more popular than ever before. With the additional expansions and updates that have been built upon them, fans have been able to enjoy even more from their favourite instalments.

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Little Miss - Resident Evil Revelations 2

Natalia and Dark Natalia in Resident Evil Revelations 2
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When Resident Evil Revelations released on the Nintendo 3DS, it opened up the doors for more mature horror games to land on the handheld. Following its raging success, the game was released for multiple HD consoles. Continuing to expand this spin-off sub-series, Resident Evil Revelations 2 saw Claire Redfield reunite with Barry Burton as they uncover a mystery surrounding an island.

Before Barry meets a psychic child called Natalia, who assists him on his adventure, there was a small, extra downloadable episode known as Little Miss. It explores what she was up to before her encounter with Barry. Trying to find a way off the island, she and Dark Natalia must navigate their way through and sneak past the monsters that roam their paths, using their abilities to make it past them safely.

Trying to step away from the gun-toting action, this brief episode was a fun distraction. However, it certainly deserved to be lengthier, offering more of its unique stealth gameplay focus for this particular game.

Survivors, Predator, and Onslaught modes - Resident Evil 6

Jake Muler running along a cliff edge in Resident Evil 6.
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Resident Evil 6 is often regarded as one of the most disappointing releases in the entire franchise. In fact, it eventually forced Capcom to return to its horror roots in a way that hasn't been seen before. The 2012 release was an action-packed and high-octane entry that saw Leon, Chris, Ada, and so many other beloved characters unite for a world-saving mission. Despite its attempts to make the game as exciting as any other action-focused shooter in 2012, it was a mixed bag, to say the least.

With the addition of fun co-op modes packed alongside the single-player campaign, there was more carnage for friends to get into. That included three new multiplayer modes released simultaneously: Survivors, Predator, and Onslaught. Building on its fun gameplay, each mode made use of the game's action roots, from the deathmatch style of Survivors to the asymmetrical multiplayer in Predator.

Extra DLC Pack - Resident Evil 2 Remake

Leon wearing of the vintage costumes in Resident Evil 2 Remake
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One of the most beloved entries in the series, the remake of Resident Evil 2 was praised by those with fond memories of the game as well as newcomers. Letting players control Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the two must escape Raccoon City after zombies and mutated creatures tear apart its streets.

The remake may not have received additional story DLC following its release, but it did have some great cosmetics and interesting items. Most of these are now included in the Extra DLC pack. As well as some fun costumes for both Leon and Claire to strut their stuff in, it also included the original soundtrack from the PS1 game, so players can swap between the modern and classic versions of the music while slaying monsters and rescuing civilians.

Banned Footage Volume 1 and Volume 2 - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Banned Footage DLC for Resident Evil 7
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Built upon Capcom's RE Engine as its debut game and a new direction for the series, Resident Evil 7 was a hugely popular title when it released in 2017. It stepped away from the familiar faces and action-packed gameplay in favour of a new protagonist, in a first-person survival horror game. Introducing everyone to Ethan Winters, he searched the seemingly abandoned Baker family's home for his missing wife after receiving a suspicious email from her.

After the game's launch and its instant success, it was no surprise to see it followed up with new content developed post-release. One of these inclusions was Banned Footage, which dived into the backstory of other characters who had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting the deranged and dangerous Jack Baker. Told through a series of tapes, the DLC featured a new sinister story as well as new puzzles to solve, to keep those who loved the base game coming back for more.

Shadows of Rose - Resident Evil Village

Rose being grabbed by monsters in the Resident Evil Village DLC, Shadows of Rose.
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Following on from the events of Resident Evil 7 - as well as its massive global commercial and critical success - it was no surprise to see Ethan Winters return for another horrifying adventure in Resident Evil Village. Alongside returning hero Chris Redfield, Ethan had to try and find his baby daughter in a village hidden within Eastern Europe. With werewolves, witches, and vampires to contend with, Ethan faced far greater threats than ever before.

The third-person perspective is not the only new addition to Resident Evil Village in the Winters' Expansion DLC. Shadows of Rose sees Ethan's daughter now all grown up, forced to confront her fears as well as learn to use some new powers of her own. It doesn't come easy though, as she faces some of the same foes and former allies of her father's.

It looks like a promising and unique story, while also offering some new gameplay additions that have yet to be seen in any of its predecessors.

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