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best One Piece arcs ranked

One Piece is the longest-running anime, and like most, it's also divided into Arcs. In this article, we are going to list six of the best One Piece Arcs.

One Piece is among the few successful series that has endured for decades without being unduly drawn out. Over 1000 episodes of the One Piece anime have been released since the series' 1999 debut. These story Arcs have contributed to One Piece's status as one of the most enduring and well-liked anime series. It is challenging to pick one particular story arc from the anime as the best after several episodes of adventure, humour, and fantastic combat scenes. For many viewers, the series' greatest moments occur right at the beginning. On the other hand, some fans argue that the series didn't take off until later Arcs. This post will examine and rank the best One Piece Arcs.

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Here are the best One Pieces Arcs

  • Wano
  • Alabasta
  • Fishman Island
  • Enies Lobby
  • Sabaody Archipelago
  • Dressrosa


Wano Arc, Best One Piece Arcs
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One Piece's continuing Wano Country plotline will ultimately see Luffy face off against Yonko Kaido in the Land of Wano. This arc's setting is likely the most developed in the entire series, having a distinct culture and design. Its past is extensive and fascinating, and the main cast's smooth integration gives it a more vibrant feel.

The majority of the characters, including Momonosuke, Kin'emon, and the other warriors of the Kozuki Clan, as well as Luffy and his crew, can demonstrate the character growth they have undergone over the series. Additionally, they have several possibilities to recover from devastating loss and heartbreak, with Oda masterfully tugging at the readers' heartstrings.

During the first arc's developments, Luffy battles Kaido and suffers a heartbreaking defeat. The Straw Hat leader is next dispatched to Udon. The crew continues to add new members, strengthening the alliance in time for the Onigashima Raid night. Big Mom's presence in Wano, however, puts the crew in even more difficulties.


Alabasta Arc, Best One Piece Arcs
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This storyline still stands as the epitome of what makes One Piece so renowned because it is pure, undiluted One Piece.

There is no shortage of fantastic moments in this arc, which tells a grand story of retribution, camaraderie, and overcoming the odds. Every detail feels carefully considered and deliberate, and it all contributes to a broader narrative that has been expertly framed by the storylines that came before it. The clashes near the end of the arc give each individual of the crew an opportunity to steal the show, giving the main characters plenty of chances to bounce off one another.

Following the initial fight with Crocodile, Luffy's first split from the other members of the crew seems necessary, and their ultimate confrontation provides some much-needed innovation and weight in comparison to prior series-ending confrontations.

You should watch this arc because there is simply too much to adequately cover in this list. Everyone should be able to appreciate it because it captures perfectly why this series is considered to be among the best in terms of anime content.

Fishman Island

Fishman Island Arc, Best One Piece Arcs
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The events of the Fishman Island arc were originally planned to take place before the two-year time jump in One Piece, but they were moved to the period following the separation of the Straw Hat Pirates at Sabaody. The Straw Hat group ultimately departs for their voyage in the New World by travelling to Fishman Island, and they were helped by Rayleigh in coating their ship.

The arc successfully addresses the series' key concerns, including racism and the mistreatment of Fishmen. Additionally, after ensuring that Hody Jones is imprisoned, Monkey D. Luffy engages in combat with Big Mom, a Yonko. Most significantly, Nico Robin discloses that Shirahoshi is Poseidon.

Enies Lobby

Enies lobby arc one piece, Best One Piece Arcs
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There's an argument to be made that Enies Lobby is one of the best One Piece Arcs ever, despite all the years since it aired.

The history segment, which offers Robin some significant character growth, is almost the greatest in the entire series. The battle between the Strawhat crew and the World Government-backed CP9 is nicely intertwined with her historical background, and it also serves as a satisfying conclusion to the plots introduced in Water 7 at the same time. Its battles are also among the best, allowing each Strawhat to have a day to bloom while also coming up against foes with exciting and distinctive Devil Fruit abilities.

In a pivotal moment in the story, Luffy and the Straw Hats destroy the World Government's flag to show their determination to save and defend Robin. By doing this, they wage war on the entire globe in addition to restoring Robin's will to live. It doesn't get any more spectacular than Enies Lobby, from local pirates to transnational criminals.

Sabaody Archipelago

Sabaody Archipelago Arc
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The fact that this arc is among the most damaging of all those in One Piece makes it all the more satisfying.

Although it begins rather simply, the broader story themes and the build-up to its final battle are enough to elevate it far above many of the other stories in the remainder of the series. Silvers Rayleigh is one of the greatest and most crucial of the numerous new characters who are being presented, all of whom seem essential to the overall plot. Its battles are also laced with a feeling of dread, which is brought to a peak by the arc's devastating conclusion.

Overall, it is so highly rated because it signals the end of a period of One Piece that so many people believed would last for a very long time. However, this paved the way for more significant events down the road, placing this arc definitely at the top of the list of the best One Piece Arcs.


Dressrosa arc one piece
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Although the Dressrosa arc's main plot and conflict can undoubtedly become complicated and confusing, it is difficult to argue that it is not among the best One Piece Arcs ever.

Dressrosa finally sets the Straw Hats against the immensely evil Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo, providing closure to the phases of the New World Saga that came before it. This is done along with Trafalgar Law, who gets a backstory and flashbacks comparable to those of the primary crew members before challenging Doflamingo to a duel.

Both Sabo, Luffy's adopted brother, and his eagerly awaited Gear Fourth transformation are introduced in this storyline. Sabo also makes a triumphant return. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet has been built by the end of the arc by Luffy and his companions, a gang that has the potential to shake the world's basic underpinnings.

With this, we come to the end of our list of the best One Piece Arcs. If you are a huge anime fan, don't forget to check out our list of the best One Piece Roblox Games and the latest A One Piece Game codes.

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