Best Resident Evil Village mods for 2023

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Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

We're going to have a look and see what the best Resident Evil Village mods are for 2023, giving you the opportunity to experience the game through a new lens via the wonders of mods.

When Resident Evil Village first came out, it was met with triumphant success. Resident Evil fans and casual horror fans rejoiced at the game, with its wide array of fantastic characters and level design, the game quickly became a favourite to some. As such, mods can enrich your experience even further!


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Best Resident Evil Village mods for 2023

Mini Me Chris

An image from the Resident Evil Village mod Mini Chris

It simply wouldn't be right if we didn't include this fan favourite on the list.

Granted, this might not be the most groundbreaking mod the community has made, and it might not even change the overall gameplay, but it will certainly make things more fun and enjoyable. What better way to truly get across how dire and bleak the situation than by turning Rose's sweet rosy cheeks into the battle-hardened grimace of Chris Redfield?

This mod, 'Mini Me Chris', by JTegh was originally made as a joke. One that's short lived considering how little we get to see Rose in the overall game, but it quickly became a beloved mod among fans.


Lady X

Lady Dimitrescu designed as Mr. X in Resident Evil Village.

From the moment of her reveal, Lady Dimitrescu enthralled fans. This nine-foot tall vampire became the icon of the game, even though she isn't the main antagonist. That's not to say she isn't the most beloved character of the game, however. She's fast become one of the most iconic villains of the overall franchise, up there with Wesker, Nemesis, and Mr. X.

The latter of which brings us onto this particular mod. 'Lady X' by ZombieAli was made to fuse Lady D and Mr. X into a leathery-undead face goliath of a woman. Although she still acts the same, this reskin certainly has a way of unsettling you as she hunts you down.

Resident ReShade

A reshaded room in Resident Evil Village.

Granted, the bleak and muted colours of the game are there to add to the general horror atmosphere. But if you're not too fond of the washed out colours, then 'Resident ReShade' might be just for you. TheBigRyan1 was one of the very first modders for Resident Evil Village when it came to PC, and his Reshade is still very popular.


This mod doesn't drastically change the visuals all too much, and instead focuses on contrast, sharpening, and colour perception that help the game feel a little more next-gen. If you still like the visual style of the base game but just want to make things a little more vivid, then this mod is ideal for just that.

Play as Rose Winters

A playable Rose Winters model in Resident Evil Village.

If you wanted to turn this already fantasy-horror game into a bit of a sci-fi, why not rewrite it so that you're Rose Winters on a quest to save Rose Winters? That's what this mod can allow for, giving you the semblance that you are on a mission to save yourself from Mother Miranda.

This mod, 'Play as Rose Winters' by xRaq, comes in two versions: one where you can play in first person, the other in third person. Granted, this mod has a few flaws that come with this drastic a change - such as the voice still being Ethan's in dialogue - but if that's something you can ignore and look past, then this mod could certainly be fun to try out. Given you can also play as Rose in the recent Shadows of Rose DLC, it's a fun chance to trek through the main game as the character, too.

Ray Gun as Rocket Pistol

Ethan shooting the Call of Duty Raygun in Resident Evil Village.

There's just something about the Call of Duty zombies Ray Gun that brings back such fond memories. Modder KushAstronaut must have also been thinking that when they made 'Ray Gun as Rocket Pistol', a mod that reskins the Rocket Pistol into the famous Ray Gun from the Call of Duty franchise. Althouh the Ray Gun isn't too far from home, considering you'll still be using it to blast through undead, it certainly will spruce up the horror experience.

Don't worry, the distinct Ray Gun sounds are also included, so those memories of Call of Duty zombie hordes are sure to come flooding back.

Dimitrescu Sons

The Dimitrescu sons in a Resident Evil Village mod.

The Dimitrescu daughters are almost just as memorable as their mother. But in this mod you can change them into the Dimitrescu sons. This mod, 'Dimitrescu Sons' by rt134, is mostly just a reskin, and for the time being doesn't feature the full effects that the daughters have. They aren't voiced as of yet and instead are completely mute when interacting with them. Nor do they feature the torrent of flies buzzing around them, but rt134 is still working on updating and developing this mod as they go along.



If a simple reshader isn't up to your standards, then why not consider the 'HDR FX' mod by Vanguard1776. Unlike the ReShader mod, this one aims to simulate the HDR effect on a SDR screen by using a complex array of effects that work together seamlessly, even if you don't have a fully compatible monitor. You'll be able to experience the game through a new lens with this mod, even if you're behind on the latest hardware.

There you have it for some of the best Resident Evil Village mods of 2023! For even more on the most popular games, check out the rarest Fortnite skins available, as well as our Apex Legends tier list and best guns list.