Best Resident Evil 2 mods for 2023

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Leon and Claire are poised with their pistols, ready to listen to what the best mods are for the game.

If it's the best Resident Evil 2 mods you're after, we're here to help. When Capcom released the remake of the 1998 survival horror classic Resident Evil 2 in 2019, fans were unsure of what exactly they would receive. In fact, the remake was so well crafted, that many found themselves returning after the Resident Evil 3 launch.

The game has an undoubtedly special feel to it, but don’t let that stop you from tweaking it further. The modding community has put a lot of effort into transforming the experience, whether it’s altering the gameplay for subsequent playthroughs, or graphics upgrades to make the game look better.


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Best Resident Evil 2 mods for 2023

Fluffy Manager 5000

Available for download here

A list of mods in the Fluffy Mod Manager
Credit: Nexus Mods - FluffyQuack
We all need a Lady Hunk in our lives, and now it's easier than ever to make that a reality

It’s unsurprising that one of the best mods in Resident Evil is a mod manager for the game. Without a dedicated client mod system, it can be difficult to keep them organised. Once you have downloaded even a couple of mods, there can be compatibility issues between them, or you may even want to turn them on and off easily without having to dig through your game files each time.

Fluffy Mod Manager 5000 does all of this work for you. It gives you a nice and easy area to deal with all of your mods in one space. Not only has it made the lives easier for Resident Evil 2 players, but it’s also the main mod manager for Devil May Cry 5 also!


Classic Inventory

Available for download here

A classic inventory look mod for Resident Evil 2
Credit: Nexus Mods - nayefk93
Some things just never grow old

There are always some things we can be grateful for with remakes: graphical upgrades, quality-of-life changes, and even newly added scenes sometimes. However, nostalgia is a powerful thing. There is one mechanic that most people associate with Resident Evil over all things. That is the inventory system.

This Classic Inventory mod brings it back with style. There is an option for the classic health bar too if that’s something that you’ve missed from your playthroughs as well.

PlayStation Button Layout

Available for download here

A controller button layout for the Playstation controller
Credit: Nexus Mods - Crazy Potato
Who told Capcom there was only one type of controller, anyway?

Whether you play Resident Evil 2 with a controller for nostalgic reasons, or if you just prefer it, then you’ve probably noticed that the game is programmed to only show one set of controller buttons: a controller that is specifically an Xbox controller. This can easily ruin immersion, especially with quick-time reactions and various button prompts.

Thankfully, there are mods to change which controller layouts are shown to you while you play. This PlayStation mod makes it so that you can play this fast-paced game without having to look down at your hands every time there’s a prompt.

HDR Reshade

Available for download here

A player standing in a very nicely lit corridor in Resident Evil 2.
Credit: Nexus Mods - 4K 60FPS HDR Gaming
RCPD has never looked so good

There’s no arguing that the development team at Capcom did an excellent job with Resident Evil 2 when it comes to the graphics. They brought Raccoon City to life in a way no-one expected, and it's difficult to pull yourself away from some of the scenery in the game.

That shouldn’t stop people from working to improve it even further, though. The community at Nexus have created dozens of graphical mods, with some more specific than others, but this is one of the more polished ones. It takes away some of the blur, especially around lights, and makes the world a little more vibrant.


X no more

Available for download here

A large red X is painted over Mr X from Resident Evil 2.
Credit: Nexus Mods - MaVeRicK
Not everyone was invited to this party

Anyone who has played Resident Evil 2 will tell you the horror of having Mr X chasing you across the map. It doesn’t matter how much you look behind you while running, it feels like you really can’t escape him no matter what you do.

X No More gives you the option to remove him from the game entirely, making exploration a little more relaxed in this part of the story. He can be an overbearing presence at times, especially if you’re not a fan of this kind of horror, or you’ve already dealt with him in earlier playthroughs.

Headshot and almost no items

Available for download here


It’s one of the universal rules in gaming that headshots do more damage against enemies, often dropping them in only one or two rounds. In some games, you will even be rewarded for pulling off this more skilled shot.

However, this mod aims to change that. It will drastically alter your gameplay style, as headshotting zombies will drop - you guessed it - almost no items. This means that you will have to decide between headshotting them and getting no drops, or spending more ammo taking them out, but with the chance of them dropping something for you.

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