Best Terraria mods (November 2022)

Best Terraria Mods

Best Terraria Mods

Are you looking for the best Terraria mods? The first thing you should know is that it is pretty challenging to play vanilla Terraria for a long time. You will always have something to do until you become wealthy and strong. But over time, the game will gradually become more and more repetitive.

One of the perfect options to make Terraria fresh again is to install mods. In this guide, we'll run you through the best Terraria Mods 2022. So, let’s get started!

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Best Terraria mods

Wing Mod

wing mode terraria
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Download Wing Mod

Wings are one of the best items in Terraria. They can significantly improve the experience, which is excellent. With this Terraria modification, Wings will become much more manageable.

First, Wing mod adds a particular armor slot in which you will be able to put wings. Also, there is a few special commands for wings and some features to make using them way more comfortable.

Magic Storage

Magic Storage Terraria
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Download Magic Storage

There is an incredible number of different resources in Terraria and collecting all of them is a complex quest. Moreover, it is pretty challenging to sort all resources inside the chests.

Fortunately, with the Magic Storage mod, you will always be able to collect and sort resources. You only need to craft a Storage Heart and Storage Unit. After that, an extensive storage system will be created, and you will be able to manage your resources faster. Moreover, you can quickly expand this system or update it.

Bosses List

Bosses List Terraria
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Download Bosses list

By installing this Terraria mod, a special menu with a bosses list will appear on the right corner of the screen. Honestly, it is pretty helpful.

The fact is that there are various bosses in Terraria. Sometimes it might be pretty challenging to remember what bosses you have fought. And one of the main advantages of this mod is that it shows bosses from other modifications.

Endless Inventory

Endless Inventory Terraria
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Download Endless Inventory

It's no secret that Endless Inventory is the best Terraria modification for most players. You will make your in-game experience way more comfortable with the Endless Inventory mod.

And the fact is that this mod allows you to store as many items in your inventory as you want. Your inventory will not have a constant number of slots and the number will increase as you put items inside.

Calamity Mod

calamity mod terraria
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Download: Calamity Mode

Calamity is one of the most extensive Terraria add-ons that brings significant changes to the game. First, 24 new bosses will appear in the game after installing Calamity Mod. Every boss is unique and has different skills and stats. And fighting all bosses is one of the most challenging quests in Terraria.

However, 24 new bosses are only a tiny part of this mod. Over 1,000 unique items and five new ores will be added. Also, 200 new enemies will appear in Terraria, making your survival much more challenging. And the last feature of Calamity Mod is five new difficulty levels. So, be ready for the most challenging Terraria gameplay.

Super Terraria

Super Terraria
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Download Super Terraria

If you have ever wanted to transform Terraria into an RPG, your dreams have come true. The fact is that with the Super Terraria mod, the game will become an RPG with various NPCs, skills, quests, and other aspects of RPGs.

And the main thing you should know is that this mod is not finished yet. Developers created a Patreon and will regularly update Super Terraria Mod until they transform this cubic game into a real RPG.

Recipe Browser

recipe browser terraria
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Download Recipe Browser

Recipe Browser is one of the most helpful things that can be added to Terraria. The same thing is present in Minecraft, and it significantly improves the in-game experience. And this modification allows adding such a browser to Terraria.

This mod will help you not only to craft tools and items but also use them properly. Moreover, you can select a resource from your inventory, put it inside the browser, and see all items that can be crafted using this resource. It is a unique feature that is not presented in other mods.

And the last thing you should know is that the Recipe Browser also works for custom items. So, even if you add thousands of new items into Minecraft, you will be able to craft them using the browser.


miner terraria
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Download Miner

It's no secret that resource mining in Terraria is one of the dullest aspects of the game. You should destroy each block with a few clicks, which might become challenging if you mine for a long time. And Miner Mod might significantly help you with it.

The fact is that with this mod, you will be able to destroy chunks of bricks with one click. Therefore, some people consider Miner Mod a cheating modification. But the fact remains that Miner mod is the best thing you can download to collect resources quickly in Terraria.

Anti Social

anti social terraria
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Download Anti Social

Even though most players consider this modification a bit cheating, it is one of the most popular Terraria Mods. You will be able to use your social accessories just like regular accessories by installing this modification. As a result, you will have more accessory slots and more abilities to upgrade your character.

But this modification has a disadvantage as well. When it is installed, cosmetic item slots will be replaced with accessories. Therefore, changing your skin and using cosmetic items will be impossible.


tremor terraria
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Download Tremor

At first glance, it might seem that Tremor and Calamity mods are the same, but they're not. Both mods add a lot of content to the game, which is the only common feature. Tremor mod adds 21 horrible bosses to Terraria. And if you combine fighting the boss with soundtracks that will be added with this mod, you will get a unique in-game experience.

Also, Tremor Mod adds a new biome to Terraria. In this biome, you can find a few new bosses, various NPCs, and new items. This modification adds over 1,500 unique items. Therefore, you will never get bored crafting them.

In conclusion, various exciting Terraria mods are available nowadays. And this list includes only a tiny part of all mods worth your attention. So, you can easily find another, more suitable modification if you want. And while you are here, make sure to check the best Minecraft mods.

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