Terraria Free Trial Incoming for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Terraria gives fans a nearly-endless amount of options when it comes to creating places - or killing enemies - and it's the latest title to get a free play period in the Nintendo Switch Online Game Trials. Fans who haven’t given Terraria a chance yet will be able to try the game out as part of a free trial from January 26 through February, which is timely since the Journey'd End DLC recently released.

Currently, the Terraria free trial has only been confirmed for the European Nintendo Switch Online Game Trials (thanks NintendoLife). Previous trials, including the recent Captain Toad trial, were limited to the U.S. You'll need to purchase a U.K. Switch Online subscription if you want to access the trial from outside the country - which, frankly, isn't worth the money.

Anyone who has Nintendo Switch Online, whether it's the standard service or the Expansion Pack, will be able to play a free Terraria trial.

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Terraria Gets A Free Trial As Part Of Nintendo Switch Online’s Game Trials

Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is the current game featured on the Nintendo Switch Online Game Trials for the U.S.. If you enjoy Terraria, keep an eye on the eShop after the trial for a discount, as previous trial titles received discounts following the trial's end before.

Terraria is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

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