Does Resident Evil 4 remake have a photo mode?

Luis Serra in Resident Evil 4 remake.

Luis Serra in Resident Evil 4 remake.
March 24, 2023: With Resident Evil 4 remake out now, we updated this guide with the latest information!

The discussion of Resident Evil 4 remake photo mode is on the agenda. The legendary survival horror game is going to be remade, which means better graphics and opportunities to take breathtaking screenshots!

While photo mode is still a relatively new feature, and some gamers use it to the fullest, others don’t understand why it is so popular. So, we will also explain to you what you can do with the help of the photo mode, and whether it appears in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

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Does Resident Evil 4 remake have a photo mode?

The good news is that yes, Resident Evil 4 remake does have a photo mode. As with the other releases in the series over the past few years, there's a way to take specially crafted images of key in-game moments, to immortalise as memories, or practice your virtual photography skills.

The photo mode camera in Resident Evil 4 remake.
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How does photo mode work in Resident Evil 4 remake?

Resident Evil 4 remake has two styles of photo mode: a free camera that lets you pan around and grab shots during general gameplay, and a photo mode that works during cutscenes. This lets you add filters and move around to get high definition snaps of tense narrative moments.

When generally playing the game, go the pause menu and then press Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox. This takes you to the free camera option, where you can pan around, add effects, and line up the perfect shot.

When watching a cutscene, you'll need to press the Options button on PlayStation, or the three lines icon on Xbox consoles. That'll take you into photo mode, where you can switch around image settings and grab snaps using your console's screengrab method. It's as easy as that!

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