GTA Online player recreates iconic San Andreas screenshot in modern Los Santos

A screenshot from a GTA V trailer.

While GTA Online’s more serious residents are always stressing about maximising their cash flow or avoiding griefers, not everyone still motoring around Rockstar’s sandbox while they wait for GTA 6 is like that.

Some of these carefree criminal masterminds are too busy hosting pool parties, cosplaying as different characters or recreating classic movie cars via the Criminal Enterprises update to be concerned with the grind.

However, in the case of one player featured in a recent Reddit thread, their out-of-work escapade was a little more nostalgia-tinged, forming a love letter to a classic GTA game.

Following the damn train back to Grove Street

The thread showcasing this radical retro display in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from the player themselves, user DeeTorr3s, who shared a screenshot from GTA San Andreas that they’ve re-created via a GTA Online screenshot, captioning these images: “we have come a long way boys.”

Naturally, this post led to a number of responses from other users getting in on the nostalgic revelry, with QuenchedGinger yelling: “GSF for life!”, promoting DeeTorr3s to reply: “real recognize real”, and UKKai2002 adding: “Grove street, home.”

On the other hand, a few users bemoaned the downfall of this beloved location in GTA V, with CowardlyMaya_ saying: “Grove Street is Ballas turf now”, leading zeusjuice420 to reveal: “I go shoot it up in CJ’s memory all the time.”

Speaking of the cherished protagonist, user cirque-umstances mused: “(I) wonder what CJ is up to nowadays?”, prompting TrackRough to reply: “he’s still a straight busta.”

Meanwhile, user Clovenstone-Blue used cirque-umstances’ question as an excuse to put on their detective hat, saying: “considering the Easter eggs you can find in GTA IV and V, he's doing well for himself. Not like a guy who's an owner of a garage and dealership in San Fierro, co-owner of a Casino in Las Venturas and the manager to MADD Dogg would not be doing poorly for themselves.”

User EyesmokeD1andOnly seemed rather unsatisfied with this ending for CJ, calling for him to make an appearance in GTA Online.

Regardless of whether CJ chooses to follow the damn train to Los Santos, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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