GTA Online player blames Easter eggs for running over monkey

A monkey and a car in GTA V

A monkey and a car in GTA V

The mad world of GTA Online has been home to a lot of wacky occurrences and trends as it’s been updated over the years, from flying submarines to American civil war reenactments.

However, when it comes to these interesting incidents, usually the only people in danger of being harmed are a few clueless NPCs or the odd griefer that decides to try and interrupt proceedings.

Unfortunately, it seems that some recent hijinks have eventually resulted in the unfortunate death of a monkey at the hands of a confused player who’s been left wondering how on earth to explain the accident to their insurance company.

Curious George finally pays the price

The thread about this crazy event in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from the user in question, Kosmix3, who shared an image of the poor ape being cordoned off by police and admitted: “I accidentally ran over a (freaking) monkey what (on earth). Is this some kind of Easter egg?”

Their fellow GTA players were devastated to learn of the monkey’s demise, with user giga_grenade tearfully crying: “bro killed curious George” and nnnugget45 adding: “he found out what happens if you get too curious.”

Others were sceptical over Kosmix3’s assertion that the monkey’s death had been accidental, with user mrPrimarisMKV putting on their detective hat and arguing: “judging by the tire marks you ran over him more than once, you monster”, leading Kosmix3 to defend themselves by replying: “my car was blocking the right side of the road and the NPCs got annoyed and took a shortcut by running him over.”

Some suggested Kosmix3 might have a suitable alibi, with sessions on PC often being hotbeds of modding, which would explain both the random monkey's presence and why Kosmix3 was so surprised to find it on the road.

However Kosmix3 put this theory to bed themselves, admitting that they were in an invite only session, meaning there shouldn’t have been any modders present.

So, everyone was left with a lot of questions, though one of these was just user Embarrassed-Camera96 asking: “so… why did the monkey cross the road?” in a shameless reference to history’s worst chicken gags.

Regardless of whether you think this was a case of cold-blooded monkey murder, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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