Diablo 4 player creates tool that shows how long it’ll take to get exactly what you want from enchanting

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

Since Diablo 4 arrived early last month, those who approached it with the perfect build in mind and plenty of spare time have been making great progress towards their goal of burying Hell beneath a mountain of corpses.

While some players have taken some time out from grinding to help one of the game’s voice actors find their lines or appreciate the emotional message of a side quest, others have kept their pedal to the metal in order to hit level 100 by carving through dungeons, bosses, and Helltides.

With the game’s first season fast approaching, there are a couple of in-game issues these hardcore hellspawn have recently been calling on Blizzard to rectify or taking on the task of doing so themselves, with the latest example of the latter involving some enchanting-based frustration.

Has the process of enchanting items in Diablo 4 ever left you desperate for more clarity as to what you’ll be getting back?

Reddit user nebuchenazarr, who has previously put together a crafting emulator for Path of Exile, shared their latest creation in a post on the Diablo 4 subreddit, revealing: “Inspired by the recent posts about the game not showing [which] possible affixes can result from using the enchanter, [I’ve] made a tool that can highlight these easily, as well as predict the number of tries it should take on average to obtain a certain result.”

Their app, which you can find on D4craft.com, requires you to input the base item you’re enchanting, as well as any exiting affixes applied to it, before specifying which affixes you’re hoping to add to it this time, at which point the app can estimate how many attempts it’ll take you to achieve this, as well as how much the process will cost you.

There’s also the option to indicate which class you’re using so the tool can tailor its output to that. If you leave it blank instead, the app will default to showing you which class can achieve the outcome you desire in the least number of tries.

While the information the app produces was originally based on affixes all having an equal chance to roll, nebuchenazarr is currently updating the dataset it uses to reflect some differing probabilities that occur in specific scenarios, as highlighted by a number of commenters on their post.

Meanwhile others in the thread had slightly less of an analytical response to nebuchenazarr’s creation, such as user wunthr, who quipped: “What?! Now I can pre-calculate my disappointment and bankruptcy!”

Regardless of whether you’re now doing some intense calculations ahead of your next visit to the Occultist, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to everything from strongholds to bosses.

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