Diablo 4 players are developing their own unofficial party finder tools

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Some players in Diablo 4.

Since Diablo 4 arrived early last month, those who approached it with the perfect build in mind and plenty of spare time have been making great progress towards their goal of burying Hell beneath a mountain of corpses.

While some players have taken some time out from grinding to help one of the game’s voice actors find their lines or appreciate the emotional message of a side quest, others have kept their pedal to the metal in order to reach the end-game loop and hit level 100, by carving through dungeons, bosses and helltides.

With the game’s first season fast approaching, there are a couple of in-game issues these hardcore hellspawn have recently been calling on Blizzard to rectify, with one being the lack of an in-game party finder. Now, several community members have decided to take the initiative and have a go at creating their own unofficial team-assembling tools.

Are you struggling to find fine folks to team up with in Diablo 4?

One of these apps is being developed by Reddit user WeakDream and a crew of players from the Discord server Diablo-4 Group Finder, with a teaser GIF showing how it might look having just been posted to the Diablo 4 subreddit in order to garner some feedback.

The prototype version of the tool depicted in this preview would see players log in using their Discord IDs, before specifying their character’s class, level and build, as well as the in-game activity they’re planning to get involved in, such as Helltides or PvP, in order to be matched up with like minded fellow players.

While most of the Reddit users that have responded to the post so far seem very open to the idea of using an unofficial party finding tool, the inclusion of builds in the prototype’s selection process attracted a fair amount of criticism.

For example, user tehnemox argued: “Adding that in is only gonna make it so snobs and try-hards don’t group (up) with you over some (idea that) ‘your build is not good enough’ or something (like that) and make finding a group hard.”

WeakDream has acknowledged this feedback, adding: “We are going to continue working on this and try to get a usable tool out before Season 1 launches,” updates upon which will be posted in the aforementioned Discord server.

If you don’t fancy waiting for this particular app to arrive, you might want to try out Reddit user EatableTrich’s d4matchmaker, which was released last week and uses your Battle.net Battletag along with some other details to find you a crew.

Regardless of whether you’re now romping through Hell alongside a fresh gang of buddies, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to everything from strongholds to character customisation.

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