Diablo 4 community helps voice actor find the in-game location of their lines

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

With Diablo 4 having arrived in early access late last week, those who plumped for one of its special editions and haven’t suffered from too many frustrating launch errors have already scythed through a lot of enemies.

The fact that many hardcore fans had chosen to spend time prior to the game’s release reading as many reviews as possible, planning out their intended builds and organising a party of friends to accompany them in their adventures has probably helped expedite their monster-slaying progression.

Now that it has fully released, the in-game experience of these hardened hell-raisers, some of whom have already hit the end-game loop and level 100, has recently come in handy in an unexpected fashion, allowing them to help a voice actor find where their lines have been used in the game.

Have you encountered this actor’s dulcet tones in Diablo 4 yet?

The voice actor in question, Tony Rescigno, who goes by the username TheFourthAct on Reddit, asked for this aid via a post on r/diablo4, saying: “I booked a fairly small role in Diablo 4 and can't find it anywhere!”

They continued: “If you've encountered any ‘Barbarian spirits’, who attack the player while yelling things like ‘The forces of hell approach’, ‘We will never fall to the Prime Evils’, or ‘Bul'Kathos grant me strength’, I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of where they're at!”

Hell’s best sleuths were quickly on the case, with phenomenally-named user sircharleswigbotm3rd answering that Rescigno’s lines can be heard during the game’s third act, around the point at which the player acquires Mephisto’s blessing.

User SomeoneSimple provided a video of this section, which you can check out above to hear Rescigno deliver his lines, for which the actor also received a lot of praise from players within the response to the post.

For example, user daevric2 replied: “[They’re] the kind of throw-away lines that don't [necessarily] need to be voiced, but some of us really do appreciate [the fact] that actual humans stood in a VO booth [or home equivalent] and recorded so much content that really fleshes out the world.”

The help and outpouring of love they’d received has since inspired Rescigno, who has previously received aid from the community to source a high-quality in-game recording of lines they contributed to Diablo Immortal, to create another post featuring a video thanking the community for their support, which you can watch below.

In this clip, Rescigno emphasises how surprised they were by the outpouring of compliments, saying: “Your words mean so much to me, I really appreciate all the love,” and ending with the heartily-delivered declaration: “Bul'Kathos lend you his strength!”

Regardless of whether you’re now planning a trip to the area in Diablo 4 where Rescigno’s lines can be heard, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to everything from strongholds, to character customisation and even the game’s upcoming seasons.

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