Diablo 4 seasons roadmap - everything we know so far

picture of Inarius from Diablo 4

picture of Inarius from Diablo 4
July 20, 2023: Here's everything we know about the Diablo 4 seasons roadmap.

The wait for Diablo 4 is finally over and there's a lot to be excited about. One of the key things that many have been asking about is seasons, and if Diablo 4 will have them? Well thankfully, we have a high level Diablo 4 seasons roadmap that Blizzard has given to us.

Seasons have been a model that many games have used in the past to add new content to the game, as well as a regimented way to implement balance changes as well. Diablo 2 was one of the first to implement a seasons as we know it today, and as time passed, this model was iterated on to what we know it to be.

Diablo 4 seasons roadmap

In a Diablo 4 quarterly update, the developers have given us a high level overview about seasons in Diablo 4 and what we can expect each season. There will be up to four seasons each year, each with new content that players will experience right from the get-go.

Seasons in Diablo 4 will function as a clean slate, with a full wipe of the playing field. Players will pick a new class and play through the game acquiring new items to power up the new character.

This full wipe is a way for the team to implement new content to the game, including new questlines and challenges that set the stage and theme of the new season. The seasonal wipe is also allows the team to implement any changes or additions to the game to maintain the balance in the overall meta of builds or bring quality of life features to improve player experiences.

After a season concludes, characters in that season will be retired to the "Eternal Realm", where players can keep levelling and building out those characters, but without any of the benefits of any current seasonal content.

Diablo 4 seasons additions

In addition to the new content and seasonal wipes, there's going to be a couple mainstay features in each season. First is going to be the Season Journey. This is a returning feature from Diablo 3, where players will have a separate objective track to complete aside from the main story quests. Blizzard has stated that the Season Journeys this go around will be much more challenging than Diablo 3's and will have new pinnacle difficulty challenges each season.

The second mainstay feature of each season will be the Battle Pass. If you've played any mobile game or free to play game in the past few years, then you're familiar with the battle pass system. This battle pass will be cosmetic in nature only, with no pay-for-power elements. There are a few key points to note about the battle pass that Blizzard want to make very clear.

  • The Battle Pass has free and premium tiers
    • All players will have access to the free track of the battle pass, and players who purchase the premium pass will have access to both tracks.
  • The Battle Pass awards cosmetics
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  • Any armour/weapon awards are cosmetic in nature, and will not affect gameplay.
  • The Battle Pass awards premium currency
    • Players can spend this currency on the cosmetics that are in the in-game shop
  • The Battle Pass awards a free Season Boost
    • Season Boosts allow players to enable accelerated XP gains for additional characters levelled in a season.
  • Players can purchase Battle Pass tiers, but won't speed up acquiring Season Boosts
    • There are character level requirements in order to get and use this boost, so players actually have to play the game to get this benefit.
  • Season Journey completion accelerates Battle Pass progression
    • While anyone is able to complete the Battle Pass, Season Journey completion will help accelerate progress on the Battle Pass for min-maxers.

And that's all the information that we have about Diablo 4 seasons! As more information comes out, we'll be sure to update this article with that, so bookmark this page for the latest info.

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