Diablo 4 players are trying to convince Blizzard to let them save builds

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Some characters in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

With Diablo 4 having arrived earlier this month, those who approached it with the perfect build in mind and plenty of spare time have long buried the memory of any launch errors they encountered at release beneath a mountain of corpses.

While some players have taken time out from grinding to help one of the game’s voice actors find their lines or appreciate the emotional message of a side quest, others have kept their pedal to the metal and already reached the end-game loop and hit level 100, by carving through dungeons, bosses, and Helltides.

Now, however, a legion of players who don’t have the free time required to do the latter over and over again every time they want to try out a fresh playstyle are trying to convince Blizzard to give them the ability to save their builds.

Do you wish you could save your builds in Diablo 4?

Their character creation-based petition takes the form of a recent thread on the subreddit r/diablo4, where user KainLTD has created a post that begins with the declaration “Blizzard: Please let us save builds.”

“I’m level 80 and want to test out some builds, but it’s so time consuming and therefore feels way too punishing to swap builds,” they say, adding that, at current, the best way to do so is to “take screenshots of your builds or depend on third party websites.”

In terms of how this could be rectified, KainLTD suggests the Blizzard could add in the ability to save both Paragon and skill builds, as well as purchasable build pages that work similarly to the game’s stash system. They also want charges for all of the changes players make to be retained, in order to keep the game’s economy as balanced as it it currently is.

“[Not having] this function adds a huge layer of frustration [to the experience] and therefore stops [the] fun, [because] you have to spend time on clicking icons instead of killing demons,” the post concludes, with KainLTD also encouraging their fellow players to upvote the post so that the game’s developers see it.

6.1k of their peers have done so thus far, with the comments on it seeming many share similar frustrations, while others lament the fact that the feature, which was present in Diablo 3, didn’t make it into Diablo 4 at launch.

Regardless of how quickly you’re hoping Blizzard acts upon the wishes of the Diablo community, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to everything from strongholds, to character customisation and even the game’s upcoming seasons.

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