Diablo 4 players are fiercely debating whether it should be made more like Diablo 3

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Lilith in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

With Diablo 4 having arrived in full earlier this month, those who approached it with the perfect build in mind and plenty of spare time have long buried their memories of any launch errors they encountered beneath a mountain of corpses.

While some have taken some time out to help one of the game’s voice actors find their lines, others have kept their pedal to the metal and already reached the end-game loop and hit level 100, by carving through dungeons, bosses, and Helltides.

That said, not everyone has seemingly been dedicating their entire existence to the game, creating a divergence in viewpoints between hardcore and more casual players, which is currently fuelling the eruption of a massive debate around how the game compares to its predecessor.

Do you think Diablo 4 should follow the blueprint of Diablo 3 a bit more closely going forwards?

This demonic dispute has spilled across multiple threads on the subreddit r/diablo4 in the past couple of days, with the one that possibly sums it up best having been kicked off by a post from user Elendel19, who kicked things off by declaring: “A month ago this subreddit hated Diablo 3, now the top posts want more [of] Diablo 3.”

At the centre of this change in opinion among other fans, they suggest, is frustration regarding the damage inflicted by builds, mob density ,and the rewards on offer to those who’re grinding through end-game activities, which has led some players to wish that all three were more like they were in Diablo 3, which had more overpowered builds, denser mobs, and Nephalem Rifts.

Reminding their fellow players that the latter two were the source of regular complaints from players during Diablo 3’s heyday, they argue: “You are all so addicted to chasing that dopamine rush of efficiency and speed that nothing will ever be good enough [to satisfy you], you always want more.”

Among the threads that they’re arguing against are those from user Dexooftw, who shared a clip outlining that they’d prefer the game’s combat to feature plenty of massive mobs and gaudy damage totals, and AudioRejectz, who argued that end-game players are being forced to re-grind the same dungeons due to the low XP on offer from other activities.

As you can imagine, based on the fact that all three of these threads have been highly upvoted and received various awards from other users, the debate is seemingly pretty far away from resolving itself via the reaching of a consensus.

Though, in the comments on Elendel19’s post, user Soleil06 has pointed out that this isn’t something worth fretting about, saying: “There are literally half a million subscribers in this subreddit. Of course there are going to be differing opinions.”

Regardless of how your ideal version of Diablo 4 would play, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to everything from strongholds, to character customisation and even the game’s upcoming seasons.

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