Diablo 4 players have set up websites to help them keep track of “stupidly important” Helltide events

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A helltide in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

With Diablo 4 having arrived in early access late last week, those who plumped for one of its special editions and haven’t suffered from too many frustrating launch errors have already scythed through a lot of enemies.

The fact that many hardcore fans had chosen to spend time prior to the game’s release reading as many reviews as possible, planning out their intended build, and organising a party of friends to accompany them in their adventures has probably helped expedite their monster-slaying progression.

While the in-game experience of these hardened hell-raisers, some of whom have already hit the end-game loop and level 100, has recently come in handy to help out one of the game’s voice actors, it seems many of them are still having trouble keeping track of certain key in-game events.

Are you having trouble keeping track of Diablo 4’s Helltides?

These easy-to-miss affairs are the subject of a couple of recent threads on the subreddit r/diablo4, the first of which saw user Azzinaughty kick off a discussion by proposing that in-game noticeboards should feature timers for both World Bosses and Helltide events.

While the commenters in that thread were divided as to whether having the timers should ideally be located on notice boards or the world map, as user TreyChips emphasised in another thread, not having a reminder for Helltides is a major issue for newer players.

“When you guys hit World Tier 3, do Helltide events every time you can,” they explained, continuing: “they're stupidly important because they're the only source of Forgotten Souls and you need a lot of [those] to keep upgrading/re-rolling gear. I skimped out on [Helltides early on] and wish I [hadn’t] now.”

In addition to providing some guidance regarding what to do during a Helltide in order to bag the most loot possible, TreyChips also provided links to a couple of fan-made websites which keep track of when Helltides are taking place, which you can find here and here.

The latter relies on reports from players, which are then validated by others who’ll have been notified of the report and checked it out, to provide seemingly quite up-to-date information on Helltide and mystery chest locations.

Regardless of whether you’re now preparing to jump straight into the game next time a Helltide is reported, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to everything from strongholds, to character customisation and even the game’s upcoming seasons.

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