Diablo 4 bosses - Full list so far (Season 1)

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Concept art of Lilith in Diablo 4.
July 19, 2023: We have checked over all of our information.

Time to learn about the Diablo 4 bosses. We are inching closer to the launch of Diablo 4, and players are excited to see all of the new bosses that they'll go up against. We already know Lilith is the big baddie, but there are new world bosses, dungeon bosses, and some returning villains.

We have already quite a few Diablo 4 bosses in the recent Server Slam and there are many more to discover when the game launches. The world bosses are very fun to go up against with other players, as the fights can be very challenging!

All Diablo 4 story and dungeon bosses (Season 1)

Here are the Diablo 4 bosses that will be part of the main campaign, side quests, or dungeons.

X’Fal, The Scarred Baron

Diablo 4 X'fal
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X’Fal is the very first boss you run into in Diablo 4. As you make your way through Icehowl Ruins, you will have to fight him to progress through the prologue.


Vhenard is also one of the early game bosses. You will encounter her when you commence Act I. She is located in the Black Lake area and you will encounter her during The Cost of Knowledge storyline.

Tchort, Herald of Lilith

Tchort is also an Act I boss who you will encounter at the Horadric Vault. Once you kill her, you will be able to obtain the Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma book.

Lilith’s Lament

You will encounter Lilith’s Lament towards the end of Act I during the Descent Quest. He is the first difficult boss that you will battle!

Merinth of the Deep, Drowned Witch

She is located at Drowning Caverns and you will encounter her during the Call of the Deep quest. Her Water Wave and Slow Pools can be very annoying to go up against, so you need to get away as soon as you see her cast those attacks.

The Butcher

You may encounter The Butcher as a random dungeon boss, and he is not related to any quest. Make sure you take him down quickly, as he can often drop legendary items and tons of experience points. His spawn rate is low, so make sure you take him down every time you see him.


This one is speculation, but we are likely go to up against Mephisto’s daughter towards the end of the main campaign. She has been resurrected to bring misery upon Sanctuary and we are the ones who can stop her.

Diablo 4 world bosses (Season 1)

You will find world bosses in the open world, and you may also run into other players who assist you in taking down these powerful foes.


Ashava is a world boss you can encounter randomly during your time at Sanctuary. While Diablo 4 isn’t exactly open world, you do get to interact with other players during the world boss fights. You may run into other players who assist you in taking her down.



Avarice is a world boss who you can encounter randomly during your playthrough. He can be difficult to take on in the early game so make sure you challenge the boss only when there are other players ready to assist you.

These were all of the Diablo 4 bosses that have been confirmed so far. For more content, check out our guide on how to reset dungeons. If you are itching to download the game, refer to our Diablo 4 preload times coverage to know when you can download the game.

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