Call of Duty complaints department - June 2023

Screenshot of Call of Duty player wearing mask and TimTheTatman Operator skin
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Call of Duty player wearing mask and TimTheTatman Operator skin
Credit: Activision

As we reach the end of another month, the Call of Duty complaints department has opened its doors once again. June is a typically quiet time for the Call of Duty franchise as the yearly cycle starts winding down, but for Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 there’s still plenty grinding the gears of fans dropping into the action.

This month saw the launch of Season 4 and the arrival of the Vondel map, resulting in many community members giving the seasonal update their seal of approval. As for Modern Warfare 2, a number of bug fixes couldn’t prevent players from debating what makes the game so frustrating to play.

So, what else has got the Call of Duty scene talking this month? Before we take a closer look, don’t forget to take a look at our guides showcasing the best Warzone guns and intel on the next Modern Warfare 2 double XP event.

Screenshot of Call of Duty player aiming down sights of a gun and a blue dot weapon reticle
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Credit: Activision

5. A pay-to-win optic

On April 12, 2023, Activision revealed a cosmetics bundle that throws you back to 2009 and the peak of the original Modern Warfare 2 cycle. Alongside the ability to change the audio of certain weapons, you can get your hands on a number of cosmetic items too.

During Season 4, one Warzone expert noticed the blue dot weapon reticle features superior performance to the default selection. But, the only way to obtain it is by splashing the cash.

Screenshot of Call of Duty player holding gun and Billy Butcher from The Boys with glowing orange eyes
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Credit: Activision / Amazon Prime

4. Here come The Boys

Ahead of Season 4, Call of Duty released a cinematic trailer showcasing the fast-paced action of Vondel and towards the end, the appearance of the logo for Amazon Prime’s The Boys seemingly confirmed the next crossover.

It also coincides with Season 4 Reloaded including the arrival of an Operator named Butch. Is Billy Butcher taking his fight to Vought to Vondel?

Screenshot of Call of Duty building smoking and Oliver Heldens wearing glasses and headphones
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Credit: Activision / Tomorrowland

3. Last night a DJ leaked a map

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Typically, Warzone leaks come from data miners that have access to numerous files from within the Battle Royale. Prior to Season 4 dropping, superstar DJ Oliver Heldens posted the artwork for an upcoming track named ‘Sounds of Vondel.’ As expected, it all but confirmed the imminent arrival of the battleground set in the Netherlands.

The track even uses some of Captain Price’s voice lines from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Screenshot of Call of Duty player holding an assault rifle and an Xbox logo on a black background
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Credit: Activision / Microsoft

2. Activision refusing to work on Call of Duty

Narrowly missing out on June’s top spot involves Microsoft’s ongoing battle to add Call of Duty publisher Activision to its portfolio of studios. During the company behind Xbox’s attempt to win over industry regulators, Microsoft claims Activision refused to work on an Xbox version of Call of Duty in order to strike a new revenue deal.

If a deal wasn’t reached, Call of Duty may not have been released on Xbox at the same time as PlayStation and PC.

Screenshot of TimTheTatman and Nickmercs standing back to back and Call of Duty player wearing a ghillie suit
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Credit: Activision / TimTheTatman

1. Content creator skins disappear

The top spot for June’s complaints department involves two of the biggest content creators. Streamers TimtheTatman and Nickmercs became the first content creators to have a playable Operator in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. But after a few short weeks, both skins have disappeared.

Nickmercs’ skin was first to be removed following a controversial Tweet before Tim asked Activision to pull his cosmetics bundle. It’s unclear if the bundles will ever make a return to the in-game store.

The Call of Duty complaints department is closed for another month! We’ll be back in July for another look at what’s got CoD players talking. Will Season 4 Reloaded deliver another dose of changes fans are demanding? Only time will tell.

Before you go, don’t forget to take a look at our Call of Duty guides that include the best Warzone SO-14 loadout and the best Modern Warfare 2 ranked play loadouts for competitive play.

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