Warzone Season 4 trailer teases superhero crossover

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Screenshot of Warzone player pointing gun towards the ground and Butcher from Amazon Prime's The Boys with glowing eyes
Credit: Activision / Amazon Prime

The Call of Duty franchise regularly joins forces with a range of films and TV series to create unique cosmetic items and limited-time events for Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 players to enjoy.

As attention turns towards the launch of Season 4, the recent world premiere for the latest seasonal update featured the new Vondel map in action, in addition to the Tempus Razorback assault rifle and the ISO 45 submachine gun.

In amongst its action, eagle-eyed fans have been quick to spot the logo of a popular superhero series on the side of a building, teasing the next crossover.

The Boys is coming to Call of Duty

Shortly after the world premiere, Amazon Prime’s The Boys Twitter account posted the teaser alongside the shocked face of Homelander, the main antagonist.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, Call of Duty’s Twitter replied with a screenshot of Captain Price grinning, seemingly confirming The Boys as the next crossover for multiplayer and the battle royale.

While some collaborations miss the mark, there’s plenty of excitement from fans this time around. For example, Twitter user aizenstoy33 described The Boys appearing in Call of Duty as the “greatest (collaboration) of the 21st century.”

The Boys’ logo appearing in Warzone also acts as a teaser to some of the new content arriving in Season 4. Infinity Ward has already mentioned the arrival of Butch as a new Operator, indicating Billy Butcher is on his way to cause chaos.

Call of Duty x The Boys crossover start date


Information on when The Boys collaboration with Call of Duty will kick off hasn’t appeared yet, but, as of now, we assume it will likely start as soon as Season 4 begins on June 14. We’ll have to wait and see if Butcher’s fight against Vought International comes to Vondel and triggers an in-game event that’s not been seen since Godzilla and Kong invaded Caldera.

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