Apex Legends player argues that the game’s skill floor is too high for newbies

A promo screenshot for Apex Legends.
Credit: EA/Respawn.

A promo screenshot for Apex Legends.
Credit: EA/Respawn.

The hardened veterans of Apex Legends can be pretty good at the game, that is, when they’re not struggling to aim, being relentlessly beaten by a glitched Gibby or struggling to get over seeing Horizon’s horrific eyes for the first time.

Plus there are plenty of them, with the game having recently broken all-time playership records, despite some calls for a player strike over its issues.

As a result, it seems some newbies are having a hard time not being discouraged by their initial experiences of Apex, as one player on Reddit has testified.

Have you tried getting your friends into Apex?

Posting to begin a thread on this topic in the Apex Legends subreddit, the player in question, user 0nly4themunny, declared: “The skill floor in this game is too high”, before elaborating: “I’ve tried to get a few friends into Apex over the last couple of months, and it’s been an absolute waste of time. Between smurfs, getting stacked against predators, and being sniped from across the map, every single person I have tried to introduce to this game has quit within days.”

A few fellow Apex players replied to argue that there is a problem, but it isn’t necessarily the skill floor, with user 2Maverick saying: “I think it's a matchmaking issue. It's horrendous."

User The-Booty-Train, on the hand, picked up on one of the issues 0nly4themunny highlighted, saying: “If I was three days into the game and played a level 10 account that was smurfing as a predator I’d probably just uninstall if I thought that was what the game was going to be like the whole time.”

Meanwhile, a few different users shared stories of their struggles to get their own friends into Apex, with Zeleny_Jezdec saying: “I can feel you, from about six of my friends, just a single one is still playing with me.” and CourseEcstatic6202 adding: “I have two buddies that just bought PS5s and are itching to play FPS games. They just can’t get going.”

User The-Revrened shared a similar story, but with a bit of a happier ending, saying: “I just got one of my friends into Apex. I had to go so try hard in every single fight and support him so much without him knowing, so he wouldn’t have to deal with this crap. He now really likes the game and can pull his weight a little bit more.”

This tale was so heartwarming that a few players were touched by it, with user nubcuk going so far as to say: “I have no idea how old you are, but I think you are ready to be a dad.”

Regardless of whether you think Apex can adequately prepare people for parenthood, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 14.

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