Apex Legends player with 3000 hours in game outlines aiming struggles

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An image of someone aiming in Apex Legends.
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A lot of Apex Legends players have dedicated a significant amount of hours to the game, even if many have considered taking a break at some point, either in protest of issues with the game, because they have a wholesome real-life meetup to attend or simply as a result of seeing Horizon’s horrific eyes.

Sadly, no matter how many matches you have under your belt in any multiplayer game, you’re never guaranteed a win, with strong opponents and sometimes little mistakes still cropping up from time to time.


One would-be Apex predator can certainly vouch for the latter, having taken to Reddit to outline their struggles at shooting accurately while under pressure.

An Apex veteran bemoans their potato aim

Posting to begin a thread about this in the Apex Legends subreddit, the player in question, user benjo1039, shared a clip of them struggling to hit the broad side of a barn during a one-on-one battle with an opposing player, captioning it: “This is what 3000 hours of Apex play looks like”.

A fair few other Apex players could seemingly relate to having these kind of momentary lapses in skill, with user ff2009 admitting: “that would be me, but with 2000 hours and an LStar” and The_profe_061 responding to the post by sarcastically asking benjo1039 to stop stealing their replays.


Other users had glass-half-full takes on the clip, with Sharklad93 musing: “50 rounds. 2 hits. Incredible. You may not like it but this is peak Apex performance. I feel this gameplay on a spiritual level” and DiamondGunner520 declaring: “it's like reverse aimbot.”

Meanwhile, some of the game’s crackshots thought they’d worked out the real issue that had caused benjo1039’s aimn to go awry, with user chillychinchillada saying: “I’d play aim lab and see if your sensitivity is too high. I know you say you’re good but it’s like a quick free test to see if you need to adjust the settings” and SleepyOwl- recommending a YouTube video designed to help players improve their aim.

On the other hand, some users suggested that the problem could lie in benjo1039 mostly trying to fire from the hip, rather than aiming down the sight, with the gun in the clip, the M600 spitfire, being cited as particularly hard to control when used like this.


A few others were more concerned with wondering whether there’s a point beyond the 3000 hour mark when all of these little mistakes suddenly disappear.

Regardless of whether you believe in this mythical cutoff point, make sure to follow us for updates on Apex Legends Season 14.