How to Get the Cube Queen Fortnite Skin and Cosmetics

Credit: Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games

The main big bad for Fortnite Season 8, the Cube Queen, is finally here. This lady has been behind the Sideways fiends and the cubes for this entire time, and her skin has finally been revealed after the Fortnite 18.30 update. She will only be around until the end of Season 8, then Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 will start and she will be gone for good.

And just like every other secret battle pass skin, you will need to jump through a lot of hoops (not literally) in order to unlock it.

Interestingly enough, every single Cube Queen Fortnite Cosmetic has its own challenge associated with it, so you technically wouldn't need to grind the regular challenges as you had to do with the secret skins from the previous seasons.

Here's how you unlock the Cube Queen Fortnite skin and cosmetics:

Latest News

November 29, 2021 -

There are only a few days left before the Fortnite Season 8 Live Event, so players who have not earned the Cube Queen skins have until December 4, 2021 at 4 p.m. EST to do so.

How to unlock the Cube Queen Fortnite Skin

As mentioned before, this skin has a set of challenges associated with it. Here is a quick list of the challenges.

  • Survive five storm circles while carrying a Sideways weapon: Unlocks The Cube Queen skin
  • Eliminate a player by using the Sideways Minigun: Unlocks the Last Cube Standing emoticon
  • Shakedown two opponents: Unlocks The Queen’s Court loading screen
  • Use a Shadow Stone or Flopper to phase for three seconds near a player: Unlocks the Cubic Vortex back bling

These challenges are comparatively easy to complete.

For the first challenge, all you need to do is land in a Sideways anomaly. Once you're in it you can either loot a Sideways chest, or you can pick up a Sideways weapon that the fiends drop.

Once you've picked up the weapon, hightail out of there and survive till the very end of the match. Do that, and you will have unlocked the Cube Queen Fortnite skin.

It's okay if you cannot complete it in one go. You could do the same over multiple matches.

If, however, you happen to loot a Sideways minigun, go ahead and eliminate a player with the Sideways Minigun. That will help you unlock the Last Cube Standing emoticon.

In order to shakedown two opponents, you will have to play in a team. Once you've knocked down an enemy player, just walk up to them and shake them down in order to reveal the location of their team mates. That will help you complete this mission and unlock the loading screen.

Finally, in order to use a Shadow Stone or a Flopper to phase for three seconds near an enemy player, land at a Crash site that's on the path of the Battle Bus. This challenge is based on your luck so you might have to try it for a couple of times before you can complete it.

Complete these four challenges and you will have unlocked a new Obliterator style for both the Cube Queen Fortnite skin and the back bling.

But that's not all, there is a second page with even more rewards. Before we go on and check out how to complete them, here's a full list of the challenges.

  • Deal 150 damage to players by using the Sideways Scythe: Unlocks the Reality Render pickaxe (and Obliterator variant)
  • Complete a Bounty from a Bounty Board: Unlocks the Regal Visage spray
  • Get two headshots with the Sideways Rifle: Unlocks the Queen’s Anthem lobby track
  • Glide in the smoke stacks at Steamy Stacks: Unlocks the Queen's Procession glider (and Obliterator variant)

It's not surprising that most of these challenges start inside the Sideways itself. The Cube Queen is responsible for the Sideways to begin with, so.

Anyway, for the first challenge, you will need to deal 150 damage using the Sideways Scythe. You need to find a Caretaker boss in order to get your hands on this Sideways Scythe. Kill the Caretaker and this Scythe is all yours.

Once you've got your hands on the Scythe, start hacking and slashing at players whenever you're in range, and you should complete this challenge easily. Once you're done with the challenge, you will have added the Reality Render pickaxe to your locker.

Try to finish this challenge in one match though. You might not be lucky enough to find the Sideways Scythe in every match.

While you're in the Sideways, try grabbing a Sideways Rifle and then cracking two head shots with it. This might take some skill but you could nail it if you're a) good with shooters, or b) you're plain lucky.

If you successfully land two head shots, you will have unlocked the Queens Anthem lobby track.

If you've been playing Fortnite for a while, you will know that there are bounty boards spread out all over the map. Pick up a bounty from any bounty board and then eliminate your bounty in order to complete this challenge and unlock the Regal Visage spray for you.

And for the final challenge, glide on the smoke stacks at Steamy Stacks. This challenge is pretty straight forward, so you don't need anyone telling you how to do it.

Do this and you will have unlocked the Queen's Procession glider. This is a really cool glider and unlocking it will complete the entire set for you.

And that's how you unlock the Cube Queen Fortnite skin and cosmetics. It may seem grindy at first but it's totally worth the effort.

Good luck.

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