Where to Find Caretaker Footprints in Fortnite

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Credit: Epic Games

The Caretaker is a brand new monster boss that joined the Fortnite island after the 18.21 update. That being said, there's an interesting little mission that is associated with this monster boss.

As a part of the Ariana Grande questline challenges, you need to track the footprints of this Caretaker.


Although these footprints are not that difficult to spot on the ground, you need to know where to look for them. So here's our guide on where to find the Caretaker footprints in Fortnite.

Caretaker footprint locations


As seen in the map given below, the Caretaker footprints can be found at almost every major POI in Fortnite. These footprints stand out on the ground and glow with a strange purple color.

Please note that the markers on the map are an approximate position. However, if you do land at the markers, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding these footprints because they're easy to spot on the ground.

Fortnite Caretaker Footprint locations
Credit: Fortnite.gg
Fortnite Caretaker Footprint locations

When it comes to completing this particular questline challenge, it's recommended that you visit two locations that are nearby so that you can complete this challenge in one match itself.

I'd recommend you visit the print at Believer Beach and then rotate out to the one at Bony Burbs. Both these footprints are located near petrol pumps so you shouldn't have a lot of difficulty locating them.

Have fun, and watch out for that Caretaker.

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