Fortnite Caretaker Boss: Location, How to Defeat, Loot Drops and More

Credit: Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games

The Caretaker is one of the newest bosses to join Fortnite Season 8. I'm not sure if we'll be seeing any more bosses in this season, but truth be told, we surely have our hands full with this one.

That being said, despite its size, the Caretaker is a pretty nifty beast, and can be difficult to find in all honesty. Here's our very own guide on how to find the Caretaker and how to defeat it.

Fortnite Caretaker Guide


When it comes to the location, the Caretaker has no specific spawn point. He just shows up on random points in the map.

However, while making your way through the map, if you find yourself in front of a purple silhouette, know that you've spotted the Caretaker.

Once you approach the big guy, you will be drawn into a Sideways Portal almost instantaneously. And there you will have to defend yourself against the fiends and the Caretaker himself.

How to defeat the Caretaker?

Despite its size, the Caretaker is a monster that can be taken down with ease. Yes you may need some extra firepower to defeat it, but you needn't pull off any extra stunts to bring it down.

Most importantly, if you don't have enough ammo, consider defeating a few fiends first. They usually drop ammo that you can use. Alternatively, there are a few chests within the Sideways portals itself.

You could loot these chests for ammo and the additional firepower that you need.

Caretaker Loot Drops

Since the Caretaker is a boss, it's only natural that it will drop good quality loot. And it does indeed drop good quality loot, that too in abundance.

Moreover, if you're lucky enough, you will be able to get your hands on the mythic Sideways Scythe too. And if you don't get the scythe, you'll definitely get some weapons of epic rarity!

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