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The Best Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes (September 2021)

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Death runs have always been one of the top sources of adrenaline for Fortnite players. On top of worrying about survival, players need to be extremely cautious and calculative about their movements in this custom mode.

Although there have been no official Deathrun LTMs from Epic Games, the Fortnite community has flooded the Creative Hub with various custom maps. Considering the huge number of community-created Deathrun maps available in Fortnite Creative, choosing the perfect one that will match the player's expectations can be fairly difficult.

Having said that, there are a few Deathrun maps that are more enjoyable than the others and that is exactly what we are going to talk about.

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Let's dive in and take a look at five of the best death run maps available in Fortnite Creative.


The Best Deathrun Map Codes

Neon Deathrun Challenge0224-2895-1380
Pirate Jonesy's Deathrun7452-9966-3879
Slide Nation Deathrun7901-8789-8064
100 Level Default Deathrun2359-3574-9339
Tropical Chill - Deathrun9991-4100-1928

Keep reading for more info on each Deathrun map from our list, plus a youtube link so you can check out some gameplay.


#5. Neon Deathrun Challenge

Created by MrLucrid, Neon Deathrun Challenge is one of the hardest death run maps available in Fortnite Creative. However, the game mode features three different difficulty settings for those who are not looking for a sweaty experience. Additionally, this map is updated on a daily basis on top of featuring weekly challenges and a cosmetic shop.

The code required to access this map in Fortnite Creative is:

  • 0224-2895-1380

#4. Pirate Jonesy's Deathrun

Pirate Jonesy's Deathrun is created by Fortnite Creative HQ and is one of the most fun death run maps available in the game. However, players should note that there are no difficulty settings on this map, making it an extremely tough experience for casual players. The map features a total of 10 different levels, completing all of which will allow the player to face off against Pirate Jonesy in a boss fight.

The code required to access this map in Fortnite Creative is:

  • 7452-9966-3879

#3. Slide Nation Deathrun

Designed by Boss_YMS, Slide Nation Deathrun presents Fortnite fans with the unique experience of sliding through terrains for survival. The map features a total of 10 assorted levels, all of which are extremely and enjoyable to master.


The code required to access this map in Fortnite Creative is:

  • 7901-8789-8064

#2. 100 Level Default Deathrun

One of the most popular death run maps available in Fortnite Creative, 100 Level Default Deathrun is created by jduth96 and provides an unadulterated experience for players. Considering the vast number of levels available on this map, players will definitely have a stellar experience of death runs in Fortnite Creative.

The code required to access this map in Fortnite Creative is:

  • 2359-3574-9339

#1. Tropical Chill - Deathrun

Built by ItsSpark, Tropical Chill- Deathrun is a fairly relaxed and artistic map. Players who are looking to relax and enjoy a fair bit of competition without sweating too much will definitely have a great experience on this map. Additionally, this map supports up to 16 players in the same lobby, thus allowing players to join with their friends and have some fun.

The code required to join this map in Fortnite Creative is:

  • 9991-4100-1928

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