The Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes (January 2022)

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Initially introduced as a Limited Time Mode, Prop Hunts have become one of the most popular game modes in Fortnite Creative. Although the first iteration of Prop Hunt was designed by the StrayKite developer team, multiple fans in the community have since then designed their own version of Prop Hunt maps in Fortnite Creative.

While the creation of countless Prop Hunt maps has filled the void left by the original LTM from Season 8, fans now also face the dilemma of finding an ideal Prop Hunt map to suit their liking. However, there are a few Prop Hunt maps that are more enjoyable than the others and that is exactly what we are going to talk about.

With Chapter 3 scheduled for release soon, Prop Hunts games allow players to engage in a different perspective when they get tired of the Battle Royale mode. On top of that, these custom maps in Fortnite Creative are extremely fun to play and can end up consuming a lot of the player's time.

However, the fact that players can earn XP from the Creative Mode, spending some time in custom games could be a really fun method of unlocking exclusive cosmetics from the Battle Pass.

Let's dive in and take a look at five of the best prop hunt maps available in Fortnite Creative.

The Best Prop Hunt Map Codes

Roller Disco Prop Hunt
Indoor Water Park
Taxi Cab
Prop Heist
City Park

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Keep reading for more info on each Prop Hunt Map from our list, plus a youtube link so you can check out some gameplay.

#5. Roller Disco Prop Hunt

This map focuses on the Roller Discos of the 80s. All you need to do is hide from the seekers by disguising yourself as props from arcades and roller discos.

In order to enter this island, use the following code: 3948-7015-9316

#4. Indoor Water Park

This map is a really interesting one. There are a lot of slides and even a locker room, giving off proper water park vibes. This map is a great way to kill time, if you're bored of the original battle royale.

The code required to join the Indoor Water Park map is: 0139-3586-5803

#3. Taxi Cab

This is another fun map in Fortnite Creative. You get to enter different cars and hide from the seekers. The catch? You get to disguise yourself as trash. If you're a seeker, you take damage for every wrong guess, but you're healed if you've made the right choice.

The code required to join the classic Taxi Cab map is: 1662-3121-3063

#2. Prop Heist

The Prop Heist map in Fortnite Creative is specially designed for players who enjoy pulling off in-game heists. However, instead of using Props to hide in, players will need to find the Jewel Props and bring them back to their loading truck. Although this map doesn't feature a classic Prop Hunt experience, the action-packed heist definitely makes up for it.

In order to join the Prop Heist map in Fortnite Creative is: 0227-7562-4411

#1. City Park

One of the largest Prop Hunt maps available in Fortnite Creative, City Park features a vast area filled with buildings and parks. Additionally, the entire vicinity is filled with various props for players to hide in. City Park is definitely one of the best maps available in Fortnite Creative for a round of Prop Hunt experience.

The code required to join the vast City Park map is in Fortnite Creative is: 4760-0262-7171

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