What is Fortnite's Creative Mayhem?

Fortnite's Creative Mayhem is a chance for players to run through Creative maps made by their favorite content creators for a chance to win in-game prizes.

Not only that but the players with the best performance on the Creative Qualifier Map can earn a chance to play Fortnite with whichever Creator they aligned themselves with in the event.

Read on for the full details.

How to Sign Up for Creative Mayhem

Fortnite players can sign up on the Creative Mayhem website to participate.

Just for signing up, they will earn the Golden Flopper Spray for use in Fortnite.

Then they will need to run through the Creative Qualifer Map (1994-6642-9073), recording their run, and submitted their best time along with a YouTube URL of their accomplishment on the Creative Mayhem website.

During the submission process, Fortnite players will need to align themselves with a content creator participating in the event on their preferred Fortnite server.

Players who qualify will be selected after May 14th.

As a bonus, Fortnite players who put in at least 30 minutes of playtime in the event will earn the Piranhas Pickaxe.

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The Main Event

The top participants will be paired with their favorite content creator for the main Creative Mayhem event, pitting Creators and their communities against each other for a chance to compete in the Global Finals on June 5th with a grand prize of $264,000 on the line.

The Qualifiers take place on:

  • May 21 - 22: France, Poland, Germany, Italy
  • May 26 - 27: Russia, Middle East, Spain, North America
  • May 31 - June 1: South America, Brazil, Australia, Korea

The full rules for Creative Mayhem can be found here.

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