Red vs. Blue Fortnite Code

While Fortnite's Red vs. Blue weekend is over, players can still enjoy the great game modes built by popular Fortnite Creative designers.

All fans need to enjoy classic Red vs. Blue gameplay is the Creative Codes to battle it out in three different Red vs. Blue modes.

Red vs. Blue

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RVB: The original web series

With its roots firmly set in Halo, Red vs. Blue was made popular by the web series Red vs. Blue produced by Rooster Teeth originating in 2003.

Still running today, the series contains 18 seasons with over 300 episodes and is one of the longest-running episodic web series of all times.

Recently Fortnite featured a Red vs. Blue theme in the Item Shop, with many popular red and blue skins from Fortnite, including some skins that have not been seen in quite some time.

Red vs. Blue Weekend also just wrapped up, with three different Red vs. Blue gameplay modes that players could enjoy.

Even though the weekend event is over, Fortnite players can still enjoy these Creative Maps, created by popular Creative Mode designers.

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Red vs. Blue Fortnite Codes

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RUMBLE: Classic Red vs Blue battles

The three Red vs. Blue Creative Maps featured over the past weekend are as follows:

Red vs Blue Rumble 6207-0778-2857

A fast-paced rumble with infinite respawns and start starting loadouts built by BOYKAARO!

RED VS BLUE ADVANCED 7520-3761-4238

Gather weapons and fight the other team in this mode TheSlurp!

RED VS BLUE (XS) 8741-7457-7436

Get up close and personal with this extra-small map featuring close-quarters combat built by MISWERDNAX.

Using Fortnite Creative Codes

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CREATIVE: Island Codes may be entered from the Lobby, or in-game

Fortnite players wanting to try one of these Red vs. Blue Creative Maps can do so by selecting CREATIVE when launching Fortnite, then selecting ISLAND CODE and entering the code of the map they wish to play.

Island Codes may also be entered in-game by using the Welcome Hub in the Creative lobby.

For Fortnite fans who cannot get enough Red vs. Blue action, there are tons of codes available, easily searched via Dropnite, a service where Creative designers can share their maps and codes.

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