How To Earn XP in Fortnite Creative

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Creative features a bunch of custom games that are extremely fun to play. However, many players don't know that they can actually earn a notable amount of XP while playing Fortnite Creative every day.

Given that the Season 8 Battle Pass has a bunch of unique and attractive cosmetics on offer, it is obvious that every player would want to unlock all the tiers. However, farming for XP in Fortnite Battle Royale can be fairly challenging for casual players.

Fortunately for them, they can earn over 125,000 XP every day by spending a total of 75 minutes playing various custom games in Fortnite Creative.

Without further ado, let's dive in and find out how to earn XP in Fortnite Creative.

Farm XP in Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative offers 25,200 XP for simply playing 15 minutes of any custom game. Players can receive this sum of XP up to five times in a given day, totaling up to 126,000 XP for 75 minutes of game time.

Having said that, players can earn this total of 126,000 XP every day as the cycle resets together with the Item Shop at the same time. Although the amount of XP is not massive, it is a steady way for securing extra XP on a daily basis for casual players.

There are even specific maps in Fortnite Creative that allow players to earn XP while being AFK. However, considering all the fun game modes and maps available in Fortnite Creative, players should rather try and explore them.

Having said that, make sure to check out our various guides on Creative maps in Fortnite. Here's a list for some of them,

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