Best Fortnite edit course codes (Chapter 4 Season 3)

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Fortnite Edit Course codes
Credit: Image via Epic Games
June 12, 2023: We have gone over our Fortnite Edit Course choices, leaving you with the very best experiences!

Looking for the best Fortnite edit course codes? We've got you covered! Apart from new players, even Fortnite veterans can become rusty with their editing skills. For this purpose, Fortnite Creative has a bunch of Edit Course maps on offer. Spending even a few minutes in one of these maps will massively help you in understanding the intricate mechanics of the game.

Be it the art of rapid edits or even creating walls out of mere reflex, these maps will definitely help you a lot in perfecting your skills. Apart from edits, we have a bunch of other guides for 1v1 Maps, Prophunt Maps, Deathruns, and more. Makes sure to go through them in case you're looking for a different challenge!

The best Fortnite edit course map codes

Fortnite Edit Course Maps Map Codes
The Best Free Build7980-4929-6802
1v1 Edit Race9124-5509-6253
Amazing Edit Course5866-8252-4604
Pan's Edit Course7897-9759-2518
10 In 1 Edit Course3682-8989-2819

Keep reading for more info on each Edit Course map from our list, plus a youtube link so you can check out some gameplay.

#5. The Best Free Build

Designed by MuzNeo, The Best Free Build edit course map presents a completely free and open learning experience for new players. The map features an empty island with very little vegetation, thus making it an ideal choice for players to simply practise their editing skills without facing any competition.

The code required to join The Best Free Build edit course map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 7980-4929-6802

#4. 1v1 Edit Race

Created by FxxD1, the 1v1 Edit Race map in Fortnite Creative is for players who want to sharpen their box-fighting skills. Limited to two players in a map, this map is also an excellent choice to warm up and get into the sweaty grove before jumping into the Battle Royale mode. Additionally, this map features three separate courses for players to choose from.

The code required to join the 1v1 Edit Race map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 9124-5509-6253

#3. Amazing Edit Course

The Amazing Edit Course is designed by one of the most notable map creators for Fortnite Creative, Candook. Specializing in the genre of Edit Course, Candook's maps are not just extremely exciting to play but also provide extensive training to help the player in mastering the skill of editing. This specific map also features tunneling that makes it even more fun for players to play.

The code required to join the Amazing Edit Course map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 5866-8252-4604

#2. Pan's Edit Course

Pan's Edit Course is one of the most frequently updated edit course maps available in Fortnite Creative. Created by pan_go, the map features a fairly difficult setting with the latest Chapter 2 Season 8 updates. Given that players can practise both, editing as well as their parkour skills, this map is an ideal choice for warming up before you jump into a Battle Royale game.

The code required to join Pan's Edit Course map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 7897-9759-2518

#1. 10 In 1 Edit Course

Yet another map in Fortnite Creative that is designed by Candook, the 10 In 1 Edit Course features 10 different courses for players to choose from. Ranging from a Beginner Course, all the way up to a God Course, this map has something to offer for everyone. Additionally, this mode also features two additional courses where players can practise their Piece Control as well as Aiming skills.


The code required to join this edit course map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 3682-8686-2819

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